Tuesday, August 07, 2018

First World Blog Post

Well, that week off, with only 3 kids in the house, is OVER. David and Theo both showed up on Sunday, so I had to get off my butt and back into the kitchen. I've been cooking peach cobbler and brisket (not together) and banana bread muffins and I don't know what all. And we all know that lots of cooking means LOTS of dishes, but that's okay, my dishwasher just got fixed and...uh...wait a sec, what have we here?

Yup, my dishwasher went wonky again, and we had to cut off its power again, and really, who needs a dishwasher when there are 7 PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE and did I mention my brother visited, too?

Wait, I just scrolled back and realized I never regaled you with the broken dishwasher tale from July. It kept turning itself on every time we closed the door, so we finally decided it was possessed and threw the circuit breaker on it until the repair guy could get here. But the super-smart Geek Squad guy on the phone had mentioned that we MIGHT be able to fix it ourselves by running the dehumidifier in front of it for a couple of days. And he was right!

Only now it's doing that possessed thing again, and I'm sort of tired of this. Someone's coming to look at it this week or next, but he already told me that Samsung knows it's a common problem and they don't know what to do about it. Which is nice to know, but really, just give me a different dishwasher then, all right?

And Jennifer doesn't even have a dishwasher OR air conditioning, so she probably cannot stand to hear me complain like this. She and her husband and 4 kids are volunteering with the Mennonite Disaster Service down in Puerto Rico for 4 months, helping to build houses for people who lost theirs in the hurricane last year, you see. Air conditioning is nonexistent, the humid air is laden with Saharan dust, and she and the kids wash dishes by hand, all the livelong day.

So I read her blog posts, as I sit here in my air-conditioned (albeit dishwasher-less) comfort, and vicariously enjoy their adventures. Because when it comes to roughing it? Vicariously is definitely the way to go.


  1. My eighteen year old house is filled with eighteen year old kitchen appliances who decided THIS is the year they will all die together in some creepy suicide pact. The washer, water heater, and HVAC (that was a fun year) did not live to see retirement, either. I also have a twenty year old Camry that is a real trooper, but even with regular infusions of green money, will someday need replacing, and I don't have any money because, well, who has any money? That is to say, I hear you about those darn dishes.

  2. Hahaha! I stepped out of the boiling hot kitchen where I'm frying up the last of the pancakes, sweat running down my face, to read this. Laughing actually out loud at this one!

  3. We went to Puerto Rico for my brother in law's wedding a few years ago and loved that place. Then with the hurricanes he and his new wife were stuck for months with no power, minimal water (a truck would come by for them with water), and no way to get out. They finally miraculously got a plane over here after camping in the airport. I am so sad that PR still isn't back to its beautiful self.

  4. My newish washing machine keeps forgetting to do a few cycles of the wash. That's fun.

  5. My dishwasher is as old as this house (as are all the other appliances and HVAC, roof, etc.). I'm just waiting because I KNOW when one goes out ALL the others are following suite. Sending my sympathies.

    (And hey, what's UP with Samsung lately? First the exploding cell phone batteries, then my new washing machine was recalled and now this with the dishwasher? Really good way to lose some customers...)

  6. After camping in a trailer for the past 6 days (3 nights without hookups of any kind, so it was glorified tent camping) I can say that dishes are easier to do if you only have a few of them...and only 2 people. But don't tell my dishwasher because it has been acting up for the past 8 months and we're trying to not have to replace it.