Wednesday, August 01, 2018

August, Huh? Well, How 'Bout That?

August. As in, one more month until we start that inexorable slide toward the holidays. I just don't know how this happened.

Anywhoo, I've got the week off (sort of). Just the 3 youngest kids here, since Theo and his girlfriend (sorry, but she has to stick around for a bit longer before I gift her with a blog name) took off on Sunday to visit her family in Florida. While she was here, though, Larry and I did a marvelous imitation of a happy suburban couple with a thriving social life. We attended a neighborhood party at someone's house on Friday evening, and then there was Saturday, when we walked down to the local plaza to drink wine and listen to a neighbor's band. "Toodle-oo, kids!" we'd say, as we sashayed out the door each night on our way to the latest event.

This was us. Really.

The kids probably didn't even notice.

Anyway, Theo and his girlfriend are gone now, and we're back to living as usual. "Make sure I don't sleep through my alarm at 6:30," I said to Larry last night. "I have to take the van to the garage, so they can fix the leak."

"Oh, thanks!" he said. "What time again?"

"6:30," I said. "I set my alarm, but I'm scared I won't hear it."

"Okay, 6:30," he said.

"Yeah, just come upstairs and make sure I'm moving. 6:30's early for me. But I have to get the van there by 7."

"All right," he said. Then, "6:30?"

I should have known then. But all I did was say, "Yes, 6:30," and go on with what I was doing.

I went to bed late (due to my new job - more on that later), secure in the knowledge that Larry and I had, for once, communicated effectively. 6:30We've got this, I thought, as I closed my eyes at half-past midnight in anticipation of 6 solid hours of sleep.

My beloved woke me at 6:10. After I groggily came to grips with the fact that my alarm had not even gone off yet, I asked him why he was waking me up early. That man had the nerve to look confused, as if he'd never heard nor said the phrase SIX THIRTY (twice) the evening before.

And, yeah, I know 20 minutes of lost sleep is no big deal (well, maybe a little of a big deal). It's not the lost sleep that's the issue, really. No, what astounds me is our apparent inability, after 28 years, to communicate with each other like normal human beings who share a native language.

But then, that's come up here before, hasn't it?


  1. my world 20 minutes of sleep is a VERY big deal! And after 27 years of marriage (mine), I've discovered that we both (but him more than me; of course) don't listen as closely as we did when we were in year one of marriage.

  2. Oh man...
    This sounds very familiar!!
    Have a great evening. : )

  3. Nice dance moves!
    I sleep through alarms often (CPAP white noise doesn't help me hear better) and on Monday night I told SuperDad I needed to be woken up by 8:00AM at the latest. He woke me at 9:08 the next morning; I'm supposed to be at work at 9:30 and he didn't even remember it was my workday. I might have to steal his alarm clock that he doesn't bother using.

  4. From where I sit, you DO live a very social life as a happy suburban couple. When aren’t you making your salsa for a neighborhood cookout? Coach leaves for work when it is still the middle of the night to me (before 5 am), so I never ask him to wake me up. BUT 20 minutes are HUGE in my book. It’s all relative - if you are only getting 6 hours of sleep, then 20 minutes make a big difference. Can’t wait to hear about your new job!

  5. You guys look great dancing! 😁 I am anxious to hear the job news.

  6. I can sleep a whole nights worth of sleep in 20 minutes lol.

  7. how long does a job have to stick around to get a blog name?

  8. 20 minutes of lost time......sigh.