Thursday, August 30, 2018

Exciting And New

Ignore that title. The theme song from "The Loveboat" popped into my head and I had to share.

What am I doing? Oh, nothing much, just missing my college kid and working 3 part-time gigs (how did this happen?) and cooking meals for whoever happens to be living in my house on any given day and trying to put the upstairs back together, which is hard to do because one kid (Brian) moved out and dumped the stuff he didn't want on my bed and then another kid (Susie) moved into that kid's room and dumped the stuff she didn't want on my bed and then I tried to move all my yarn from my bedroom into Susie's old room and OMG it looks as if the entire upstairs threw up on itself.

It's been hot here.

Yeah, that was my week. And now I'll be working at the yoga center all weekend - I sit at the desk and smile at people and try not to charge the wrong amount on their credit cards when they sign up for a class. True story - I charged someone $2000 once. He wasn't very zen about it, either, I'll tell you that.

(It just occurred to me that the owner of the yoga center reads this blog. Don't worry, we fixed it!)

And the elderly client I drive places had 2 doctor appointments this week and she still needs to go to the grocery store tomorrow to stock up on Lean Cuisine. In case you didn't know, the entire Lean Cuisine business model is dependent on senior citizen women who live alone. And with the aging of our general population, I'm thinking buying stock in that particular company might be a really smart move.

Is that insider trading, my telling you that? I'm not sure.

That's 2 jobs. The third job I have is relatively new - I'm working as an editor for an online editing company. It's not bad, insofar as I work as much or as little as I want and when and where I want; but it does make me feel a bit like the editor version of an Uber driver: I make less than I think I'm making (after taxes and such), and I never know who is getting in my car, as it were.

But, hey, FLEXIBLE. You can't beat that when you still have kids at home who need rides and meals and such. Did I mention the 2 orthodontist appointments we have this week?

And then there was the monthly board meeting for our HOA tonight, which I had to host and therefore clean up my house for. Susie helped a lot with that, luckily, or I think I would have cried.

I did cry over my knitting this week. I was making a perfectly lovely lace scarf in lace-weight yarn (think really skinny, like thread, okay?) and I messed up and went to fix it, because I'M PRETTY GOOD AT KNITTING, if I do say so myself, only I messed it up more and now I just have a tangled alpaca mess of broken purple dreams.

This is what disillusionment looks like, people.

It serves me right, really - I KNOW that lace-weight yarn can turn on you like that. Only...I thought this time would be different, you know? Apparently I'm nothing but a yarn-struck fool.

So I considered giving it up. ALL OF IT - the laceweight and the bulky, the sock yarn and the worsted. Only, I couldn't figure out what I would do instead. I mean, what do people DO who don't knit? How do they wait at the DMV for a new driver's license? How do they survive the pre-Christmas rush at the post office? How do they fight off feelings of existential angst without using a pair of sticks and some woolly fiber? 

Beats me.


  1. They scroll through social media is what they do. Keep knitting, my friend!

  2. I must admit I've never taken my knitting anywhere with me. I'm more likely to have a book or magazine, or as already mentioned, I play on my phone.

    But the lace scarf...that resonates...I have one tucked away that is about 1/3 finished. I kept making mistakes and starting over. I'll work on it again once my house gets quiet and I can pay attention. Though I'm not sure that will work either.

  3. Lace is so worth all the agony, so knit on!

  4. Absolutely no idea what people do who don’t knit. Pretty sure I’d be all yelling and angry all the time. Even lace knitting is a life saver when it isn’t a tangled mess!

  5. How do people watch TV without knitting? I mean, you can't watch something with subtitles and get much knitting done, but overall, I couldn't just sit there and watch without something in my hands.

    Good luck with the lace. I just tucked a project away and started a new one; the first one needs to be in time-out and think about what it's done.

  6. Unfortunately, I can't ignore that title and before I even opened this page, I was singing the Love Boat song as soon as I saw the title in my feed.

    As a non-knitter, I read a lot. But I don't want you to quit knitting, that is going to be a beautiful scarf!

  7. I hope you keep working with that beautiful purple thread because nothing is softer than alpaca fibers and it will be so worth it in the end.
    Cracking up over the not so zen customer response! (I nearly did that with a QuickBooks entry last week.)

  8. I don't knit. I can't watch tv without something in my hand . . . laundry. I bake and snack and blog and sort laundry. I assume you are doing those things too. I would say life is better with knitting!

  9. For the DMV waiting and stuff I work on Duolingo -- learning Italian. I also have a book I am working on on my phone ( and I try to read scripture every day). But don't give up knitting. I like reading about it!

  10. I totally agree on the frozen dinner thing--my husband's grandma ONLY ate those. It's weird.
    And while I only have one gone to college, our upstairs looks the way yours sounds--total chaos as people re-room and re assign up there. INsane.
    I like knitting only with chunky yarn, that fine stuff would make me nuts. And knitting is a thing I think I'll start doing more of now that my nest emptied a little bit.