Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Sugared Up

Only 35 trick-or-treaters tonight. I have no explanation for such a paltry showing, as it was beautiful weather out. I had 75 treat bags prepared, so, yeah, I'm pretty disappointed. But I'm sure all Brian's college friends will be thrilled when Larry and Rachel drop 40 of those off with him on Friday. Because, yes, Rachel (she of the decapitated animal heads and clogged toilets) is going on college tours the next two days. I don't know how that happened. Seems like only a year or so ago, she was four and we were sleeping with the car keys under our pillows because we were convinced she'd try to drive our cars.

No lie, people. No lie.

We decked out the house (well, the kitchen, anyway) in honor of the holiday:

We don't get to use these place mats much

Both Theo and Susie carved jack-o'-lanterns this year. Susie was thrilled she wasn't the only one doing it. It's hard being the youngest (I mean, aside from the fact that she's spoiled as heck).

A witch and a cat - we're very original

The friends we invited over (their daughter went trick-or-treating with Susie) brought me GORGEOUS flowers.

Blood roses - perfect for Halloween!

And I am so buzzed on Almond Joys and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, I can hardly see straight.

So. Much. Candy.

Friends of mine handed out activist treats:

There seems to be a message here...

In non-Halloween news, my part-time editing job has been keeping me busy, because it's college application time and apparently everyone's kids but mine pay to have their college essays professionally edited. I've always railed against the whole college application brouhaha (12 or more applications? REALLY?) and the way that upper middle class students have an edge in the process, but now that I'm profiting off that? Hey, it's totally cool.

I got to use the word "brouhaha." That makes me happy.  That, and approximately gazillion Almond Joys. Excuse me, I'm going to go see if any are left...


  1. Coach loves almond joys and our kids don't like coconut, so there was a small stack on my bathroom counter this am. Poor Curly- she had people to carve with, but her lame mom did not bother to buy a pumpkin this year. Last year bought one and never carved it. It's a slow process.

  2. Hey, at least you had 35 trick or treaters. We had a grand total of SIX. So I am now staring at three huge bags of candy. *sigh* And I know there are Almond Joys and I love them. I'm contemplating pulling all those out and hiding them from myself in the freezer. The rest will have to go to work as I can't have it in the house.

    Those flowers are drop dead gorgeous!

  3. Man you got the good candy there lol

  4. I had 35 little goblins too...but that was more than normal for me. The last two kids did great as I divided the remaining candy between them - not much more than the rest got, but not enough for another group of kids had they come calling.

    Canadian universities don't have the same procedures for's grades and money. Got both, you're in. If your grades suck, wait a year or two and as long as you have money you can get in as a mature student.

  5. Political Halloween treats and a plethora of Almond Joy candy bars? Count me in! I was off on a quilting retreat and just ate a few pieces of candy off the snack table there. I might have managed to make sure they were Almond Joy.