Tuesday, April 25, 2023

In Which I Learn Surgery Is A Real Thing

 I kept meaning to pop in to drop a quick line saying I was okay after surgery, but every time I thought about sitting up and typing at the computer, I got tired, so here we are, 9 days later.


I guess I was just making this erroneous assumption that laparoscopic surgery wasn't "real" surgery and that I'd be bouncing around like normal by Day 4 post-op. In retrospect, this was really dumb. I think this is the first day that my core muscles feel as though they might be working properly again, and I have no idea why they were knocked out, since, well, it was LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY and no one was slicing through all the muscles to get to the stuff they were taking out.

I just don't get it.

Vandals yarn bombed my home while I was in surgery

Anywhoo, I'm feeling somewhat normal now and a friend is coming by to take me for a very short real walk, now that I don't feel as though my stomach is falling out when I stand up, so that's good.

And everyone brought us food, which was really nice, because apparently anesthesia does a number on your brain and there's no way I would have told myself to eat without someone putting a plate of food right in front of me. Also, I kept repeating myself (FOR DAYS), to the point where my family would get worried looks on their faces while I was speaking.

Which isn't really fair, how am I supposed to remember what I said to whom? There were a bunch of people around and have I mentioned I had just had surgery?

Like, yarn bombed  A LOT

The surgery itself was great, because they knocked me out before they even started rolling me out of pre-op and I had no idea and that's the way I like it, for sure. I did spend the next 3 or 4 days completely freaked out by the whole concept of surgery, though. I mean, it's weird, right?


And, ha-ha, there's another surgery coming up. Yay. It's fine. Really.

Oh, and all the biopsies (because apparently they do those if your BRCA2 is mutated) came back clear/negative/however you say it. I feel very lucky.


Also grateful for knitting friends who like to let me know they're thinking about me

And that's all I've got right now, because the brain is still somewhat addled and I still get a little tired sitting up, because apparently that is all core strength and who knew? Not me, that's for sure; apparently, I've got a lot to learn.


  1. So glad you're starting to feel better! Keep on resting - milk it!

  2. So glad to hear you are sorta up and about! I'm especially glad to hear all biopsies are clear. Anesthesia does make you sleepy for days. (Someone once told me it likes to hang around the body's fat cells...that's just great I thought.,..as I looked at my belly!) Rest and relax, you deserve it.

  3. So glad to hear you are doing well. Hopefully you will be feeling more like your old self in a few more days! In the meantime, rest up and enjoy being taken care of by family and friends.

  4. Glad that the (main) surgery is behind you and that you are on the mend. Getting outside for a walk sounds delightful. I now want to figure out how to knit, so I can have knitting friends who are clearly the most clever, thoughtful type of friend someone could ask for. I love their sweet way of expressing their kindness to you. Spring is coming (so they say, it has been ridiculously cold here in Chicago), so I hope you continue to feel strong enough each day and that little daily walks are a welcome part of your recovery.

  5. So glad to hear from you. May it only get better and better!

  6. I adore your yarn bombing friends! Its like a non contact public hug for the world to see! And it just makes me smile. Be patient with your body's recovery. They may have applied a nerve block on certain areas which might have lasted for days (which is good)!
    Gentle recovery to you. Walking is good!

  7. I'm so glad you're OK and that your biopsies were normal!! Sending my best wishes for a continued recovery. <3

    1. Ugh, just realized how dumb "continued recovery" sounds. I just meant I hope you progressively feel better each day.

  8. Good to hear the surgery went well, and the biopsies were clear. Your friends are amazing!
    Take care.

  9. It's wonderful to hear from you! Be gentle with yourself. Healing takes time. xo

  10. I *LOVE* that your friends yarn-bombed your house! And yes, anesthesia is a doozie. Healing takes more time than you'd expect, but I am delighted this was done laparoscopically.

  11. So glad to hear that you are recovering well and feeling a little better! Plus clear biopsies!! YAY! I love your yarn-bombing friends; so sweet.

  12. I felt the same way about my laparoscopic surgery. I was shocked that it hurt so much. I’m glad you are on the healing side now. As for the next surgery (also a survivor of back to back surgeries) it is not easy, but will be in the rear view mirror soon. Your friends are great and let them take care of you!

  13. I am so glad you’re coming along and doing better. I think of you every time I buy new yarn and wonder how I’m going to organize it all!

  14. I'm glad you're healing up AND that people lavished love on you (with food, knitting, and visits) while you went through this. It's easy to dismiss outpatient surgery as no big deal, but you're right. THEY CUT YOUR MUSCLES!

  15. NavhelowifeMay 03, 2023

    So glad about the biopsies and hope you continue to feel a little better every day.

  16. Glad you are getting better and the biopsies are all clean. Not having cancer is great. I'm not the least bit sarcastic here. Wishing you full and speedy recovery.

  17. Hope you are feeling better and continuing to improve.

    I'm a little surprised the knitting muscle memory didn't take over when you were in your anethesiological daze. I would have figured the fog would clear and you would find yourself surrounded several finished knitting projects - or several left-handed mittens.

  18. Glad you're on the mend. My doctor told me once that we are fooled by laparoscopic surgeries because they look super pretty on the outside, but one the inside it's the same surgery they did back in the day that left you with an 8 inch gnarly scar. Rest up girly.