Friday, September 28, 2007

A Case of Mistaken Identity

I had to rummage through the clean laundry basket in the dark this morning (so as not to wake the baby) ; so, coming out of the shower, I discovered that the only item I had available to cover myself belonged to my husband, not me . Towel wrapped around my dripping hair, I pulled on the offending apparel and scrounged frantically around my room for my own clothing, trying to hurry before my 4-year-old could walk in and ask the inevitable question: "Mommy, why are you wearing Daddy's underpants?"


  1. Oh, lordy lordy. I couldn't fit into my husbands undies. But I do have to fit into my old undies cut into my o-so-fit hip fat. I never fold laundry, unless my mom's coming into town. We just use the laundry room as our "clean laundry" receptacle. I'm with ya on this one!

  2. Funny ... that's what my boy asks me. Only he asks "Daddy, why are you wearing Mama's underpants?"

    "Because I want to, son. Now go play with some toys or something."

  3. A whole lot of nothing -- I use the laundry room for clean clothes, too. I mean, why trudge it all upstairs when you can come down naked to the laundry room and get dressed perfectly well down there?

  4. I think I would have taken the risk and gone completely naked.

  5. My husband's a boxer guy and I spend most of my pre-shower time in one of my tank tops and Andy's boxers.

    No comments from our peanut gallery.

  6. That's exactly why I make my husband wear boxers now instead of his old tighty whities. More coverage.



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