Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall and Apples, Hallelujah!

The gentleman who bought our old house has finally given up on trying to use all the apples that the apple-tree-formerly-known-as-ours bears. He turned it over to us. I immediately sent out my crack team of apple-pickers (plus Susie, who I think thought she was helping in some capacity) to harvest what they could. Turns out that was a lot. I had to beg them to stop. We made apple crisp (and gave some to our generous neighbor, of course); I always enjoy making apple crisp, but this year was made even more enjoyable watching Anna sulk the entire time she was cutting up the apples. Now that we're used to her moods, they are almost entertaining. And it's cheaper than cable.

We woke up to sweatshirt weather today, finally. I am so happy to be breathing air that has less than 90 percent humidity. Now if I could just find the kids' sweatshirts, things would be perfect.

We're on our 7th jigsaw puzzle here, and I think we'll declare jigsaw-puzzle season officially over when we're done with this one. We've done so many, we're seeing the world as a collection of little pieces - through jigsaw-colored glasses, if you will. It's time to go outside and play in the leaves and drink cider whatever else it is that we do in the fall. I've forgotten. Also, I need to reclaim my dining room table. My neighborhood Bunco club didn't enjoy rolling the dice on top of the half-done puzzle the other night.

Can any of you type with a toddler hanging off your forearms? I didn't think so. I'd better sign off.


  1. Sweatshirt weather? OMG it's 108 here today. Which of course makes Crusher want to walk aaaas sloooowly aaaas pooosible eeeverywheeere weeee goooo!!

  2. I'm so sorry - I didn't think...

    But it was only sweatshirt weather early this morning. Then we got up to 80. Which still feels like heaven, of course...