Thursday, September 06, 2007

Toys R Us

Another 90-degree day (yes, I talk about the weather, but I don't do anything about it). We took a trip to Target (again) so Rachel and Brian could spend the birthday money that was burning a hole in their pockets. And if I had realized how many hours of enjoyment they would get out of a couple of trashy toys, I would have paid for them myself. We came straight home and the 3 youngest left me alone for a blessed 2 hours while they played with their new acquisitions. Let's see....twenty dollars for 2 hours - maybe a little more expensive than a babysitter, but we might get a couple hours more use out of the toys, if I'm lucky. Oh, and I had to shell out 5 dollars of my own to buy Susie a Barbie doll so she wouldn't get jealous. It came clothed in a bikini, but Susie likes her to hang out au naturel. With her little plastic sunglasses on. Rachel's Barbie is a little more dignified, sporting an attractive evening gown (complete with tiara) that isn't even slutty. Just for the record, Brian didn't get a Barbie doll. He bought some little Lego thing that I think is a firetruck with lots of teeny-tiny accessories. He is deliriously happy. In case anyone has been wondering exactly how much happiness costs, the answer (at least for 7-year-old boys) is 10 dollars plus tax.


  1. Around here, $10/hour for more than one kid is a veritable babysitting bargain! (In fact, when I found a babysitter who'd watch both my boys for $10/hour I was shocked, and no, I won't share her name with anyone, and I round up generously.) How cheap are your babysitters?!

  2. Extremely cheap - I grew my own. Before that, we couldn't afford any. But, from what you told me, my daughter is being grossly underpaid by her other clients.

  3. I was just about to address the babysitter pay issue but I can see someone beat me to the punch. I pay a minimum of $10/hour for Frick & Frackette.

    I do share her with others but she knows she's not allowed to take another Saturday night babysitting gig without checking with me first until 2017.

    Oh, I do have Sitemeter on my blog, btw, it's just hidden. Sneaky, huh?!

  4. I found a cheaper - oh, I mean more economical - way to keep 'em happy quite by accident. I went to some garage sales. They kids loved the old toys so I decided to give each one $2. After a while they were looking for signs along the road and begging me to stop. When they started to get good a haggling, I did get a bit concerned but it was fun. We call it "garage sailing" - made it a sport. I am finally good at one!