Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wet Cement and Other Hazards

The deck guys have been here for 2 days, providing ample entertainment for all. Considering that they had a sizable audience of young children (ours and the neighbors), it puzzles me why they would pour 7 post holes full of wet cement and then leave without letting me know; but no harm done, as I happened to look out my window in the nick of time. I don't know how we would have extricated my neighbor's 4-year-old twins otherwise. On the other hand, if I hadn't averted catastrophe, at least they wouldn't be giving their mother too much trouble from now on - she'd always know where to find them. Now that I think about it, maybe she sent them over here to play on purpose. With her husband away all week, she may have been feeling a little desperate, don't you think?

I managed to keep Susie napless all day today, which translates into a 7 PM bedtime (yes!). Of course, that means she'll be wide awake by 5:30 in the morning; but no matter - Larry can't escape to work on a Saturday, so they can enjoy their morning together. I play with her all week, I mustn't be selfish. And is it really asking so much to sleep in until 7:30 one day a week? Ah, luxury...

I'm trying to remember at exactly what point I signed up for this house slave position, anyway. I can go over a week without getting out of this house by myself and then I feel as though I need to hurry back when I do periodically escape. It's pathetic. Why doesn't someone just slap one of those ankle-monitoring bracelets on me already and be done with it?

Anna was almost pleasant today. So pleasant that I didn't even bother to annoy her on purpose - say, by perusing the photo albums with the other kids and pointing out her picture - "Oh, look, there's Anna smiling!" and "Look at this - Anna's sitting right next to David, and she's not even grossed out." She hates when I do that. But maybe tomorrow I'll take her to Kohl's and then embarrass her by speaking to her in public. That's always fun.


  1. Oh, you make me laugh! I do that exact same thing. My husband can plan his weekend to include plenty of time to work out and get his shopping done or whatever but if I'm away from the house for more than about 30 minutes, I feel the need to hurry right back. So that I can be in a bad mood and resent everyone for enslaving me. I'm glad that I am completely crazy already or my kids might succeed in driving me there.


  2. You are too funny! And by the way, I think that cement idea is marketable (but you didn't hear it from me!).