Monday, September 03, 2007

She Loves Me (Not!)

What Anna (my chronically alienated teenage daughter who used to be the sweetest girl in the whole world and still is deep down inside somewhere) deems to be my fault:

1. When she's tired because she stayed up way too late and then had to get up before the crack of noon
2. Any day that her neighborhood friend is not around to hang out with
3. When she has to go to the doctor because she has given herself a puncture wound while doing dishes
4. Her beloved flute teacher's falling ill and cancelling a lesson
5. That life doesn't consist of doing whatever she wants, when she wants.

I have to work on all that, I guess.

She did like us briefly a few nights ago when she was scared silly by a bat that somehow got down our chimney and was zooming around our living room. Though I must say that her shriek (which woke us up) should have been enough to turn my hair white. Larry took care of the problem, while Anna and I barricaded ourselves in the bedroom. You know, if it's retro to feel that the guy has to take care of all bugs, rodents (flying and otherwise), and any other type of household intruder, then just call me old-fashioned, all right? I sat up in that room and listened to Larry chasing the bat all over the main floor of the house and thanked my lucky stars that I'm of the female persuasion. (And he did get rid of it - he managed to chase it out of the house with a laundry basket. See? I never would have thought of that.)


  1. I think my husband is as grossed out by the scorpions and such we get here as I am, but fortunately he feels emasculated if he doesn't "take care of the problem"

    Gee, I wonder why he feels like that. Cuz I call him a sissy, maybe?!?!

  2. I know about your sweet one who seems to have gone sour. I have had one too. Not to worry - in about 4 to 8 years she will be over it and be calling you for advice. (Just thought I would encourage you with my helpful and inspiring insights!)

  3. I'm totally 'old fashioned' in that regard as well. He also takes care of clogged toilets - no matter how disgusting.

    Good man.

    I like that sissy idea. I'll tuck that away in case it's needed in the future.

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  5. Let's hear it for selective helplessness!

  6. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who takes the blame for everything... the other day, despite repeated attempts to get my daughter to change her shoes to avoid blisters while walking the dog, she refused.... only to get blisters and then blamed me FOR NOT MAKING HER change her shoes.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I sense some comradery! How many kids to you have?

  8. I am feeling your pain with your teenager! Just when I think I have mine figured out, she goes and changes everything on me.

  9. I don't think it's a good sign that I'm already seeing this kind of behavior and my older daughter is only nine...

  10. When the kids grow up and are on their own ... you wives be blaming us manly men husbands for eveything that goes wrong.
    Joe, why is my white blouse now pink?
    Joe, who clogged the toilet?
    Joe, why does this house smell like burnt bread?
    Joe? Joe? Joe?
    Just wait. You'll see.