Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chip Trip

What a great day - Larry and I took the youngest 4 to a potato chip factory (I'm sure the people there were glad when we left - my kids ate all their samples when I wasn't looking) and then a hike in the woods at a nearby national park. We saw 2 deer and scared the children by telling them to watch out for bears. For parents, we have a sick sense of humor. I was extra glad to get out of the house, because Anna had misplaced 50 dollars, which made her hate me. Because I wouldn't hand over more money. Hard to follow that logic there. All our attempts to make her more responsible with money backfire. If she doesn't have enough for something she wants, it's because we don't give her enough. If she spends all her money and has to wait for the next month's "pay," it's also because we don't give her enough. I shudder to think of this girl with a credit card.

We ate lots of potato chips today. I mean, ones we actually paid for. They were fresh, so I deemed them healthy. And non-caloric.

Oh, and I did get to stay in bed until 7:30 this morning. It felt fantastic. Maybe I'll get to do that again next month. Miracles happen, you know.

We don't think the mother bird found her nest. Or else it was too noisy and loud in our yard for her to want to return. Scrambled eggs, anyone?


  1. Cool field trip!

    We saw a mama and baby deer from our slider the other day, munching in our yard. Have I mentioned, I love where I live? :-)

    We slept in a wee bit today, too, before waking in a panic because we had to take the cat to the vet in an hour. Geez, if it's not the kids, it's the pets.

  2. A potato chip factory! My husband would go crazy. I can't even have chips in the house because he has no will power. His father's Day gift every year is a giant bag of Lays! I could only imagine him in a factory.

  3. You dooo have a sick sense of humor. Scrambled eggs? (Okay, so I would probably have said something similar hee hee)

  4. How old is Anna? She sounds like my oldest, who misplaced 15 euros of her sisters' money the other day (actually, more like spent it, after convincing them to part with it).

  5. Where do you live? Lucky for you it's a potato chip capitol. And I agree with your assessment: fresh potato chips=0 calories.