Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hello, 21st Century!

We have made some progress on the technological front around here, I am happy to announce; my husband bought some thing-a-ma-jig that enables us to hook up our VCR and our DVD player to the TV at the same time. Heretofore, to switch to one machine or the other required being able to crawl sort of sideways behind the TV in order to unscrew some cables from one machine and then screw them on to the other, all while endeavoring not to fall (painfully) onto the numerous Duplos which tend to migrate back there. Apparently, Larry realized that the thing-a-ma-jig cost less than the chiropractic bills (or else he was tired of my whining).

Now I'm hoping that we can actually own an IPod before they are out of style. Although by the time I get one (and figure out how to use it), everyone else will be walking around with some sort of digital chip implanted in their ears. But (bright side) at least IPods should be dirt-cheap by then.

And to all those people whining because they bought an IPhone when it cost a gazillion dollars and now Apple is lowering the price - shut up. It's not our fault you're stupid.

Sorry - just had to get that off my chest. I feel better now.

Larry was late to work this morning - the deck is being torn down today and he realized that there was a morning dove sitting on a nest in the deck's ....whaddayacall'em? ..... rafters? But underneath, if you know what I mean. Anyway, there is this mommy bird sitting on eggs and we have small children, which means that Larry decided to move the nest to a safe place (under our next-door neighbor's deck), so no one would be traumatized. But then we weren't sure if the mommy bird could see where the nest's new location was, even though Larry had left the ladder by the new location, just to give her a hint, you know....and he and I had to discuss whether a bird would understand what a ladder was, and maybe one of us should stand in the neighbor's backyard and wave toward the new nest location (do birds understand semaphore?), and then Larry suggested that he move the nest out in the open until she spotted it, and then he'd move it a little more, until she spotted that, and then....well, then we realized we sounded like idiots. So we compromised by moving it to a more visible spot on our neighbor's deck (a neighbor who by now was awake and had come outside to learn why we were standing in her backyard and arguing at 7:30 in the morning), where it will probably be knocked over before the end of the day by her 4-year-old twins. But, hey, we tried. I just wish I could be there when Larry explains to his supervisor why he was late.


  1. I'd be interested to hear that explanation myself! That sounds like one of those things you would read from on the "unbelievable excuses people give when they are late to work"!

  2. OMG! You're on a roll today! That bird thing was hysterical! Did she find them? And the phone thing made me snort, too!

  3. You know, I thought that about the iPhone, too. I mean, first they wanted to get all the people who would pay big money for it to, um, pay big money for it. Then they wanted to get everyone else. It's not really rocket science.

    Dude, now I'm all worried about that nest...


  4. I'm trying not to think about that nest with the 2 cute little eggs perched precariously on the edge of the neighboring deck. There was so much activity going on in our yard today that the mother was probably too scared to go back to it. I'm hoping I'll see her there tomorrow morning, but I sort of doubt it.

  5. Wait, I'm totally confused. What's a VCR???

  6. My wife's cousin bought an iPhone like 2 weeks ago. We were over at my in-laws' house for a b-day party, and she was showing it to me. I started counting the people who came up to her and asked her if she knew the price had just dropped $200.

  7. People can be cruel sometimes....but she did deserve it.

  8. Oh, dude, birds totally get semaphore...

  9. HA HA HA! Technology is overrated. What were you thinking leaving eggs in the care of four-year-olds???

    Peace to the birds and the neighbors.



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