Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

The tale of Brian's Volcano Cake will have to wait until tomorrow. I don't want all the b'day pictures lumped together with the pictures I dumped off the camera this morning in preparation for the festivities. The b'day pictures need to be downloaded on a different day. I know there is probably a way for me to download them tonight into a separate "album," but it is beyond my capabilities. Do not try to explain it to me; my brain will explode.

So, instead, I will share with you the most exciting news of the day. Today Susie became the very first kid in our family to actually poop in the potty before reaching her 3rd b'day. Yup, she is amazing. Well, actually, I am just amazingly lousy at potty training; but I've made my peace with that. We all went out for ice cream to celebrate her great feat. Which, I do realize, poses a problem the next time she chooses to poop in the potty....

Oh, and we left a message for Larry at work - I got Susie to say into the phone (in her sweet little 2-year-old voice), "Hi, Daddy! I pooped in the potty!" I sure hope Larry doesn't listen to his office voice mail on speakerphone.

How many times can I type some variation of "poop in the potty" in a single post? I'm up to 3 already. No, 4...and I am just getting warmed up.

It was spring-like here today, so spring-like that I even considered putting on my (knee-length) shorts. But I really didn't want to find out whether I could button them or not, so I put off that pleasure for another day. I did finally figure out a simple way to reach my goal weight, though - I increased it. So now, instead of being 7 pounds away from my goal, I am only one pound over. I feel so much skinnier! Larry was not impressed with my new approach to weight loss.

I really wish I could show you those Volcano Cake pictures....


  1. Sounds like you are a very good rationalizer--I like that in a shopping buddy!

  2. It's the jiggliness of my belly that I can't deal with....and no amount of goal weight readjustment is going to change that. Ugh!

    I think I need some Volcano Cake...


  3. Congratulations on the pooping in the potty! (there, I said it one more time) I say that with more than just a little envy in my heart.
    Our youngest will be three this month, and he's not even close. He is, however, VERY good at telling me when he has pooped in his diaper, you know, just in case I couldn't smell it.

  4. I am so impressed! I don't even start potty training until my kids are 3! So what lesson we have learned? There is always a mommy who is more of a slacker than you.

  5. LOL! You should write a weight loss book, your approach sounds like a success!

    Hooray on potty training! Send the vibes to Monkey!

  6. Excellent diet tip. I feel more comfortable in my own skin already.

    I'm very nervous of the whole potty training thing. I've got a feeling my expectations of success are a little too high, but I'm so looking forward to the end of nappies!

  7. I love how you look at things!

  8. honestly i am the worst potty trainer in the world. it is a good thing i only had two children. both my boys were potty trained immediately following their FOURTH birthday.

    i'm now hanging my head in shame.

  9. madge - I have so been there.

    sass e-mum - After 16 years, I can't even imagine life without diapers.

    mrs. smith - Me, too, on all the other ones. I don't know what came over me.

    family adventure - Like a bowl full of jelly, yup...

  10. I don't think 7 pounds away from a goal weight sounds bad, actually! Can't wait to see the cake! And tell Susie congrats!

  11. Well OF COURSE pooping in the potty must be immediately reported to daddy. Sheesh.

  12. I, too, am a lousy potty trainer. I, too, am at peace with that. I, however, am finished with potty training.

    About your weight loss goals....


  13. Increasing your goal weight-another example of that homeschooling creativity.

    And only for you will I say: yay for poop.

  14. congrats on that volcano cake (I'm soooo curious about it) and the potty-chair-pooper. Way to go, Susie! (And I sort of hope your hubby had someone in his office whilst listening...)

  15. Yeah, the freaking shorts are always mocking us. We should burn them.

  16. I like your kind of math. I haven't been brave enough to try on last year's shorts, though.

  17. Your dieting strategy just made my annual attempt at getting swimsuit ready so much easier. I love it!



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