Thursday, April 24, 2008


Apparently, I am going to spend my first free weekend in 17 years at what future generations will undoubtedly refer to as the Woodstock of Knitting. The gentleman at WEBS sounded a little shaken up yesterday when he relayed to me the information that a thousand people will be descending on his store just to hear the Yarn Harlot speak. Imagine, if you will, one thousand knitters all in one place. Having trouble? Me, too. All I can picture is people waving placards proclaiming, "Make sweaters, not war..."

Of course, first I have to get there. Free weekends aren't free, you know. Here was my list:

1. Wash every single piece of clothing in the house so that everyone has enough clean clothes for the trip to Grandma's and Grandpa's house
2. Make sure all those clothes are actually packed in people's individual backpacks.
3. Keep Susie from unpacking her backpack, repeatedly.
4. Feed Susie lollipops to get her to stop screaming after I confiscate her backpack.
5. Buy special car treats to keep everyone happy in the car
6. Clean all the crap out of the car so that we can fill it with fresh crap.
7. Vacuum the car, since it is the first time in 4 months that it has been clean enough to vacuum.
8. Periodically threaten that no one is going anywhere if they don't leave me alone long enough to get all this stuff done.
9. Rummage desperately through pantry for Coke. Settle for diet Coke instead.
10. Realize Diet Coke ain't gonna do the trick.
11. Spank everyone soundly and send them to bed.
12. Enjoy some peace and quiet and foolishly decide I'll have time to finish everything in the morning.


  1. Promise me you'll take a picture of the coolest knitted item you see this weekend...

  2. You'll have time in the morning if you let them all pack themselves. Since they're going to be with Larry and not you, why worry about the funny looks? Kids with Dad - it's expected!

    Have a fabulous time!

  3. I absolutely dread the "just before" and "just after" times of a trip. If it weren't for all that good "in between" time, it almost wouldn't be worth it. Have a great time!

  4. Maybe the elves will pack the car for you, and magically turn that Diet Coke into Coke. Why you would want to do that is beyond me, but then again, I'm a Diet Coke-aholic. What do I know.

    Have a safe an pleasant journey... 'Make sweaters, not war.' - Cute. :)

  5. Rock on, K, rock on! Have fun.

  6. I love number six on your list. That's my daily battle around here.

    Have a great time. Post pictures of the knitted stuff?

  7. I hate packing for trips. Mostly because its me who stays up all night, washing and packing, while everyone else is smugly sleeping.

  8. "Make sweaters, not war..."


    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!


  9. Have a lovely knitfest!
    It will be worth all the prep!

  10. Enjoy your child free weekend! I hear you knitters can get really wild!

  11. "Oh, I came upon a child of Wool, she was knittin' along the road, and when I asked her 'where are you goin'?', this she told me..."

    Sorry, that's the best I can do before breakfast.

    I am SO jealous!

  12. have fun.. you deserve a free weekend. Go wild. Knit and throw a little peppermint schnapps in the olde cocoa thermos. Take photos...I want to see Kniters Gone Wild photo journaled

  13. You and I pack exactly the same way! And the threats of no one will go anywhere fly freely around here too. And my kids are still young enough to believe that threat.
    Go, Knit, Enjoy!

  14. I can't believe that you were brave enough to go to bed the night before a trip! It is a well documented fact that I never get more than three hours sleep the night before a trip.

    I hope you have a great time at your knitting woodstock!

  15. Have a GREAT time!
    A thousand knitters in one place only becomes frightening when you remember that they will have their knitting needles with them!
    Pax, EJT

  16. Hope the price is worth it. Sounds like an excellent adventure and I just love a freshly vacuumed van, for the 2 seconds it lasts.

  17. Nothing like a good knit wit once in a while!

  18. Nothing like a knit wit once in a while!

  19. That sounds about right. ;) I hate that getting ready for a trip thing too, but just think of how much you'll enjoy the knitting (or at least how much you'll enjoy being without the kids).

  20. It will be worth it. It will be worth it. They're staying at grandma and grandpa's so the re-entry will be easy! Have fun! Make sweaters! Make friends! Make happy memories!

  21. Have a great time! And if you have a spare second you could be the overachiever and knit your Make Sweaters, Not War sign.

  22. Very sensible. When faced with a looming deadline, I find that denial usually helps.