Saturday, April 12, 2008

Alone Again...

Larry deserted me again to spend the weekend biking with David and his Boy Scout troop. At least he didn't have to drag David out of the house kicking and screaming like last time. I'd console myself for my loneliness by eating chocolate; but now that I have practically reached my goal weight (or, to put it more accurately, now that my goal weight has almost reached me), it seems foolish to set myself back with comfort eating. Plus, I want to pig out at Bunko on Monday night. So I will just have to knit instead. Maybe some crochet, too - for dessert.

Oooh...I wish I hadn't typed that word "dessert."

Anyway, Larry is atoning for all this spousal abandonment by agreeing to my suggestion that we drive all the way to Massachusetts to visit what is, apparently, the greatest yarn store ever (and, not so coincidentally, to hear the Yarn Harlot speak at this same store). I mean, I am going to the yarn store; he is going to keep the children amused by taking them to Sturbridge Village and whatever else he can think of to do in that area.

No expensive hotels for us, particularly as the clerks start citing fire codes and insisting that we reserve 2 rooms instead of one. Luckily, there is inexpensive military lodging nearby, which is much better, anyway. Mini kitchens, huge rooms with pull-out sofas, laundry facilities (because, really, what makes a vacation better than doing laundry - we wouldn't want me to go through withdrawal or anything over the weekend)...

Sad, isn't it, that I think of Air Force guest lodging in western Massachusetts as a resort stay? I think I need to get out more.

The very best part of this plan is that I will actually meet other knitting bloggers that I have become cyber-acquainted with over the past 6 months or so. Unfortunately, Anna heard me discussing this with Larry and said, "You're going to a strange place to see people you've met online? I thought we weren't supposed to do that."

Don't you hate it when teens are right? But what could a psychopathic knitting blogger do to me, anyway? Unravel the hat I'm knitting when I'm not looking? Handcuff me with extra-long circular needles and steal my Paton's felting wool? We're Yarn Harlot groupies, for heaven's sake; this will be more like going to a Grateful Dead concert than anything else - only we will all be wearing hand-knits rather than tie-dye, and none of us would waste our hemp by smoking it.

See? Everyone is smiling, nobody's getting hurt.

Or perhaps I'm rationalizing, and I am setting a bad example for my teenage daughter. But, determined as she is not to do anything that her totally embarrassing mother does, I do think this may be a win-win situation...


  1. Didn't you say that Larry and all the kids are driving you up there? Tell Anna that the same rule goes for anyone SHE wants to meet. Dad and Mom and the whole family come, too!

    Have fun! I'm so jealous. When are you going? Not next weekend, I hope? Because I am flying into an airport near you on Thursday night. WITHOUT all my kids....

  2. what a lovely mini-vacation...yarn, meeting strangers, no kids (almost).

    show your daughter the websites you found your "strangers" on and allow her to use those sites to find strangers to meet! i'm sure you'll be happy with a son-in-law who knits like crazy and will save you the money for baby clothes!

  3. One of the best things I ever did was go to a strange place to meet scrappin' friends that I had met online. Now, we get together as often as we can. Could be AWESOME!

  4. I laughed so hard my laptop fell off my lap.

  5. P.S. That Kalynne Pudner up above is brilliant.

  6. I would have negotiated to drive myself up there, alone.

    Have fun!

  7. Tell Anna that you are just meeting your "imaginary friends" so that's okay because obviously if they are imaginary, they aren't real, and they can't hurt you.
    I'm sure Larry will back you up with this story since he doesn't believe any of us are real.

  8. Don't you think 'pudding' is a MORE salivating word?!!!


    ....they all sound good - as opposed to -


    Funny that.

  9. You so figured it out. ;-)

  10. jill - I do like your reasoning. I may have to borrow it.

    jennifer h - That's for next time.

  11. Yay Yarn Harlot! MadMad Housewife, JenfromRI, Amy (from Live Learn Knit) and I will all be there too! I can't wait to meet everyone! We should all wear carnations in our buttonholes or something, so we can recognize each other... or is that too Mafia? Oh, how about handknit carnations! Much more knitterly, don't you think?

    As for your daughter, just tell her that there are some things that mommies and daddies can do that kids can't, like swearing and having sex, and meeting up with strangers from the internet. Then add an "You'll understand when you're older." Kids love that line.

  12. Great Post!

    "Unravel the hat I'm knitting when I'm not looking?" Bahahahahaha.

  13. I think you'll be safe. I am jealous that you've reached your weight goal but congrats to you. I was making progress unitl the girls decided to bake cookies this weekend and I lost it (and gained it back).

  14. laundry withdrawal.. funny.

    I hear the withdrawal symptoms are brutal. You must be so relieved to not go through that.

  15. You know that same daughter is going to one day marry someone she met on

    I don't know: anything away from home sounds like a vacation. I'd go stay in my next-door neighbors' house when THEY leave town, if only they'd leave a key and stop calling the cops when I break in.

  16. Just cut a big chunk of hair off of the back of your head and then tell your daughter that that is the kind of thing that happens when you meet someone from online. That outta scare least a little.

  17. Love that ending! You tell her!
    P.S. So now you're gonna be skinny and well-dressed?! I guess I have some work to do...

  18. I hope you have fun! I always wonder what it would be like to meet blogger must post.