Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Hello? Where is everybody today? Has the world come to an end and nobody told me? Figures.

Or maybe Sitemeter is broken. Not that I check it. Much.

Susie and Rachel are fighting over a Garfield book. I hate Garfield. I've always hated him, but now I hate him even more.

Sue is being funny again. Make her stop. And don't give her ideas for a new tagline - she just wants attention.

I'm thinking in snippets today - can you tell? I think I've been on Twitter and Facebook too much.

Larry wrote me a resume. It makes me sound really smart and up-to-date. I'm a little peeved at him because he wouldn't list my blog on it. Something about being unprofessional - yeah, like being home with the kids for 17 years isn't?

My name is suburbancorrespondent and I have a blog. And I'm not ashamed of it, either. Well, with the exception of those fridge posts...

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  1. I'm here! But only for 12 more minutes because I have to shower for work. And I have to leave extra time to bandage my poor blistered feet before I stand on them for 8 hours. Stupid vanity!

  2. Being home for 17 years and having teens...may not be PROFESSIONAL...but it goes along way toward getting the job title of SAINT.

  3. well hello there! I kinda was wondering the same thing. Maybe it is supposed to be a bloggy break day and I missed the memo?

  4. I'm pretty sure that the entire world is watching the Steelers parade in Pittsburgh today. You weren't aware?

  5. Gotta agree with Mary Alice!

  6. You should completely put your blog on your resume. It will set you apart from all competition ("let's hire her, look how funny she is!") But the bad side would be that everyone from work would then know about your blog so you couldn't be write nasty things about them, and that would be truly sad. Everyone know the best part of having a job is making fun of coworkers behind their backs!

  7. hi, hello, how are you?


  8. It has been very quiet. I know... I've been monitoring the Google Reader FAR too frequently.

    I need to update my resume. Can Larry give me a call?

  9. Hi! I'm here. It is possible that my two year old will soon succeed in driving me crazy though.

  10. My name is suburbancorrespondent and I have a blog. And I'm not ashamed of it, either. Well, with the exception of those fridge posts...

    And Larry sabotaged such a post this week. Starts looking more and more suspicious. He's up to something, I tell ya.

  11. I think everyone is just home SICK --I am home sick. THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN A PANDEMIC- incase you were wondering. I love your new title for your resume.

  12. I often wonder where the rest of the world has gone. I won't bore you with the details -- homeschooling, lack of run-around money, uncooperative husband, that sort of thing. At least I get a lot of sewing done. And I google "quilted silk fabric" a lot. (I want a jacket.) ;)

  13. I'm reeling various shades of green lately....because I'm unintentionally trying to keep up with your spawn count apparently. So I'm not very talkative on my blog. I don't know that I'd want my husband to make my resume for me. He has no clue what I do in any given day. Why? I'm not a game of Madden, so he's just not paying attention to it. Heh, got his attention last week in a big way though LOL.

  14. I'm here...

    Waiting for it to snow.

    I hope it does.

  15. http://garfieldminusgarfield.net/

    For those who dont like Garfield. LOL.

    I'm here, but I usually read you via Reader.


  16. you know, blogging is quite up to date. heck, you are considered outdated if you don't have a blog! so think about putting it up there as a hobby or something. i certainly list my internet adventures on my resume (without naming my blog though)!


  17. Um. Sorry. I was taking a nap. I'm here now. Can't stay though. Got to go help one of the monkeys with her math. If it makes you feel any better, I've only had four pageloads today, so perhaps there's something to the Parade of the Steelers theory.

    Have a million visitors, all witty and kind. J

  18. Just slow today -- it's Tuesday so it's a WWC day. And I'm trying to figure out Picasa and slide shows.

    I haven't been on twitter since Jan. 20th (no one was twittering during the inauguration -- what was up with THAT?!?) and I haven't been sucked into facebook for the past 8 days... when I do, it'll be for HOURS. *sigh*

    Off to pay gobs of money to the eye doctor for my kid who insists on reading in the dark!

  19. i'm here...only because i was headed to clean our bathroom and decided to check email...then my blog...then other people's blogs...i think i'm stalling...

  20. A good resume write could spin it so that writing blog posts about expired food items would sound something like "Published a collection of short stories about exotic and intriguing food items from around the world - with a focus on salsa and egg salad."

    Tell Larry he needs to step up his game.

  21. How often to you check sitemeter?
    Do you ever close the window?
    I think that was the blogging equivalent of fishing for a compliment.
    I'm sure there are support groups for this kind of thing, not that I would know of them or need them or anything like that. 'Cause I don't have a problem, ok?

  22. Hellos! I'm here, but feeling the non-attention, too. Weird.

    Well, unless you call searches for "nannerpuss" coming to my blog. Then I can say my traffic is up 500%, but that's not real traffic.



  23. I never hardly ever check my stats. So I wouldn't know, if the world came to a screeching halt or not.
    You blog should be on your resume. Then they would know that after raising kids for 17 years, you can still make a complete sentence.
    Might be helpful.

  24. I think the world did come to an end. But at least there's a few of us who didn't get the memo so we're still around. Huzzah!

  25. Still here. RSSing in for the win! [smile]


  26. Hey! That's my name up there! Wheeeeee!!!!!

  27. Anyone who casts stones about your fridge posts obviously has their own maid.

    Or eats out every night.

  28. I seem to always blog/talk in snippets nowadays lol

  29. You know what's pitiful? I find myself thinking in 140 character tweets all day. It's amazing I can type much at all.

    Twitter is bad for the brain.

  30. Have you ever told a 20 something you have a blog and then they snicker?
    Every niece and nephew I have over 20 laughs at me.
    Aunt Dork am I.



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