Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As The Food Turns: Fine Dining At Its Best

When I mentioned the other day that it is a shame that Jane Austen never had a blog, I didn't know that she was already on Facebook. Delightful reading for any Pride and Prejudice fan...


And now, for our regularly scheduled feature:

We have a modest (for me) assortment of expired leftovers for your viewing pleasure this evening. Let's start at the top, shall we? Our chef has prepared for you cold, leftover rice, served atop roasted carrots with odd bits of chicken interspersed among them. These are daringly presented with an accompaniment of week-old sloppy joe filling paired delightfully with both more rice (drizzled with the remnants of stir-fry sauce) and more carrots (poached, this time, and dressed with cold bow-tie pasta).

Make sure to come back next week when we are planning to feature such Lenten delicacies as the one soggy fish stick no one got around to eating and the penitential lentil stew that encourages my children to go hungry.

[And, for you newbies who are wondering what the heck is going on, check here.]


  1. Every week I want to make up some new "recipes" for you to use up your leftovers (tongue-in-cheek of course, mmmm, oatmeal and salsa salad with ranch dressing, yummy) but I worry someone would think I was serious and flame me for it. This week however too old to eat or not, you have given me a hankering for some fried rice. How I LOOOOVE fried rice. I thought of you as I cleaned out my leftovers last night:)

  2. You peeps eat some rice, don't ya?
    And carrots? You all must be skinny with good if not slanted eyes. That was rude. I am sorry. I don't cook so there might be old Activia or really old pizza in mine. Oh, there are fresh green beans I was gonna saute in garlic and oil, they are liquid now. Not so fresh....

  3. I think you should whip it all together and serve it with a balsamic reduction sauce.

  4. While I approve heartily of Jenn's idea above, mostly I am thinking that rice with a little sugar-cinnamon sprinkled on it and then cooked in the microwave with some warm milk sounds yummy! But then, it is after midnight and that might just be my tummy talking...

  5. Ah, such a fine assortment...but wait, where's the sacrificial egg sandwich? did you end that practice? I'm not asking for its return, I just realized it's been a while since there was one. And no salsa this time?
    Honey, you're seriously slacking here.

  6. So here's the game.
    Hide the fishstick in the rice.
    Whoever finds the fishtick wins!!!
    What do they win?
    A big fat steaming bowl of lentil soup!!!!

  7. I would totally eat the week-old sloppy joes. The best ever! It's not even good until it's about a week old! Hope you didn't throw it out!

  8. So wonderul to see I'm not the only one with a fridge full of tupperware!

  9. Oh that facebook was fun--thanks for the link.

  10. If Jane Austen really were on Facebook, I would actually get an account. Thanks for the link--it made me laugh!

  11. I'm so glad my Mary (17) has my metabolism. She can and does eat everything and is still skinny. Everyday when she gets home, she goes thru the fridge and eats the leftover rice, potatoes, noodles, whatever looks good to her. And then 2 hours later, she chows down at dinner. The only left overs that might be get old would be stuff the kids didn't like. Thats why we have a dog?

  12. My mom would never let you throw out that stuff. She eats some really scary leftovers. In fact, she makes me bring our leftovers to her house so she can use them. She is the Queen of Frugal.

    I'll be back to read your blog but I'm going to make sure SHE never comes here because she'd just die.