Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Librarians' Revenge

Given my library history, I am in the habit of imagining horrible repercussions for my book-returning negligence - hearing a policeman knocking on my door, for instance, or being led away in handcuffs in full view of all my neighbors. Symptoms of an overactive imagination, you say? Well, take a second to peruse this news article, why don't you?

Sad, isn't it? This woman now has a criminal record for a book that costs $13.95. At least it had a somewhat normal title. What if I had been arrested when I couldn't locate Little Baby Boo-Boo or some similarly named preschool tome? Not only would I be a criminal, I'd appear infantile to boot.


Tomorrow I will finally get my hands on my beloved Trefoils. Oh, happy day!


Okay, a word of blogging advice: I wanted to put a cute little picture of some policemen leading someone away in handcuffs on this post; and, in a stroke of dubious genius, I Googled "handcuffs."

Do not do this. Just...don't.

And someone tell me how to explain this to Larry when he checks the search history this evening. He still hasn't gotten over "nude knitters."


  1. How do you find these articles? And just erase your search history, my dear. Although I like to leave the names of ex-boyfriends in the Google search box in the toolbar, just for fun.

    (Ok, just kidding on that one!)

  2. *snicker*

  3. Don't you mean "knude knitters?"

  4. And don't google 'leathers' either, as I did when trying to locate motorcycle leathers to buy my HB for his last birthday. It was a bit too much of an eye opener for this sheltered mum.

  5. And don't Google words that you don't understand from books like Wicked. A friend from book club did that--let's just say she got an eyeful and quite an education.

  6. I'm trying soooo hard to be good about the library books. I just hate paying library fines for books I wouldn't have paid actual money to own. (Or worse, I hate paying money for library fines on a book that I would rather have bought!)

    Anyway, at my library, once you have an overdue book, they won't let you use the online inter-library loan system. They will, however, let you renew them almost indefinitely... Silly librarians. ;)

  7. We have a library book due at the school library from August. No one has seen it at home, thought the paper book cover has been spotted on a few occasions. I know if I pay for the darn book ($30), it will immediately show up again. They will refund my money if I turn it in after we pay for it. I was sure one of the kids had it in their rooms, but we have moved all the furniture, taken all the books off the shelves, empty all the toy storage containers, etc. Maybe it ended up in one of the bins of summer clothes in the attic. The kids are not trying to drive me crazy, they are succeeding. :)

  8. One day Number One Son could tell he only had a small sliver of my attention and decided to have a little fun.
    NOS - I need a good example of men's abs.
    ME - MmmHmm.
    NOS - So, I'm going to use google images, is that OK?
    ME - Sure.
    NOS - I think I'll google "topless movie stars" OK?
    ME - Okay.....NO WAIT! DON'T DO THAT!

    Number One Son was laughing about that one for the rest of the day. The stinker.

  9. When my friend was picking out her son's name, she googled it (first and last name) out of curiosity. Turned out to be a major gay porn star with that name. Sometimes it pays to google.

  10. How about nude knitters in handcuffs? Maybe you should try Googling that.

  11. Oh dear. You naughty girl. Although Librarians' Revenge might also result in a fascinating Google search, too...

  12. Oh I'm laughing, laughing, laughing at your post and your awesome friends' comments! I'm going to do some google-ing just to see what comes up!!

  13. I'm thinking these comments alone are going to generate some unwanted Google hits.

  14. When we first went online, my husband wanted to know how dangerous it was for the kids... so he typed "girls" into the search bar. Umm... don't do that. 7 out of 10 webpages that popped up were not anything they needed to research.

  15. Trefoils? How? California cookies are delivered March 8. Must be a conspiracy. Or something.

  16. Why is it nothing peaks my interest like a strongly worded, bold even, "DON'T?"




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