Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Hearty Welcome

This is so embarrassing - people are dropping by from The Women's Colony, and I haven't even cleaned up. There are plenty of Larry stories tucked here and there around this blog, if you want to know more about the mad toothpaste squeezer. Or if you'd rather reminisce about what it's like with small children underfoot, vomiting at the least provocation, there's plenty of that around here also. Or maybe you have a predilection for rodents and other household pests? You've come to the right place.

If any of you want a snack, feel free to take a peek in the refrigerator (but don't say I didn't warn you).


Fresh blog post tomorrow, for all you faithful followers of this humble blog - no one's been fed yet, and the children seem to think I'm the one who should do something about it. What's up with that?


  1. I had to throw out a bag of 7 sweet potatoes last night. They were sitting on the counter and had begun growing bluish-green spots. It made me think of your refrigerator posts (and the fact that there are scary things in my refrigerator... must take care of that NOW before the trash man comes!) and how very Brave you are to share your science experiments with the world. Me, I slink them out to the garbage can under cover of darkness.

  2. I don't share the half of it. I do a lot of slinking myself.

  3. I have children like that in my house, too! The kind that also think I should keep track of every article of clothing ever purchased. Ever. And of course I do...but not on purpose!!

  4. My children dump all their clean clothes on the floor, then walk on or spill stuff on them. Then they complain they have no clean clothes. :)

  5. Ah, just spill a little kibble onto the floor. They'll be fine!

  6. Love the WC post today, my friend!!

  7. Dude! What is up with that?! Love the toothpaste post.



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