Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes (And Some Discussion Questions)

Here it is again, brought to you by Jen at ConversionDiary - the Blogger equivalent of Scoobie Snacks to brighten/illuminate/otherwise enhance your Friday!

  1. Whew - I don't know if I can live up to that build-up...
  2. Larry forgot to turn on the dining room light before he left this morning (it's dark and cloudy out), and I might have people coming over today. It's embarrassing having to explain to them why I need them to unscrew the globe and twist the light bulbs.
  3. Although it wasn't embarrassing to explain that to more than 200 people yesterday...hmmm....
  4. You haven't seen a fridge post lately because the mess in there has gotten so overwhelming that I am ignoring it. I think it is the rotting farmers' market tomatoes in the bottom left-hand drawer that have pushed me into denial.
  5. Let's face it, I am never getting a new dishwasher. I'll get that refrigerator you see to the right instead. It should fit into the dishwasher spot perfectly. Do you think that would hold all the condiments? And juice? Discuss.
  6. Mrs. G posted my toothpaste lament over at The Women's Colony yesterday. Until I read all those comments, I had never realized just how many marriages struggle with this problem. Perhaps this is the sort of issue that pre-nups were made for?
  7. I woke up this morning and realized I had no clean pants, and (as mentioned in #2), an acquaintance might be coming over today with her kids. What would be more embarrassing - wearing ratty old pajama pants without explanation, or confessing that after 18 years of running a household I still can't keep track of my laundry? And should I bring the subject up before or after I ask her to tighten the light bulbs?
Ta-da! No phantom #8!


  1. I, too, wanted the mini-fridge, but then I realized that I don't even clean the first one - why would I subject myself to two?

  2. On #2, when I met my husband and had him over to my house the first time, I was showering by candlelight because I couldn't change the burnt out bulb in my only bathroom and it had no windows. I sheepishly asked him to help me solve the problem, believing it was a leap of faith in full disclosure. He married me anyways. But now, I think these sorts of things in our marriage have become like your #6.

    On #5, I had a strong feeling weeks ago that you would never get a new dishwasher.

    On phantom #8, congrats!

  3. Well laundry is a work in progress... so I guess you are working. Is that a good answer. Anyway That is my line and I am sticking to it.

  4. My dishwasher bit the dust on Sunday and I am getting a new one delivered next week. Your willingness to go along without one makes me feel whiney and weak - there are only four people in this house and I CANNOT deal with the handwashing of the dishes. Can you PLEASE, PLEASE get one so that I can feel better about myself and the badgering it took to break down my husband for the new one?

  5. I want an extra fridge, so I can deal with the holidays more easily....a big one. Your small fridge idea has potential. I would also like to have(this is in my dream house, which may or may not ever come to fruition given the current economic downturn) a second SINK. Imagine a place to clean veggies or drain the pasta...while still having dishes in the other sink? It sound so beautiful, I get teary just thinking about it.

  6. Maybe after she tightens your light bulbs she can do your laundry for you.
    Or you could borrow some of Anna's pants.

    I think the new fridge will hold all of your condiments, however, I bet you still have multiple jars of applesauce and salsa open.
    Which refrigerator will you be storing the half egg salad sandwich?

  7. The half egg sandwich belongs in the leftovers category; and, as such, will remain in the large fridge. I really have thought this idea through.

  8. 5. No. People would just open more condiments.

    On your light it the sort that has a bunch of little metal knobs? And if so, are there still a couple of knobs still showing? I had one of these that broke, and found a chain in my junk drawer with the little connector fitting that could be joined on to lengthen it again. Sometimes you see them as keychains.

  9. You think Larry would have a problem if I came to visit to fix all your stuff myself? Otherwise I think your doomed to waiting on getting that light fixed ;-)

  10. LOL - Yanno when I met my husband one of the first important questions I asked him was about the toothpaste: was a a squeeze from the bottom or squeeze from the middle kind of guy. The second question was regarding the proper way to fold a towel!

  11. AHA! You've helped me appreciate the climate in Wisconsin--I put all my extra holiday stuff that won't fit in the fridge in the back porch--from Oct-April it's as cold as a fridge or freezer and it's FREE!

  12. We all have clean pants today. But we didn't yesterday. ;)

  13. I'm always in my pjs. LOVE it.

  14. What Carpool Queen said.

    By the way, I'm missing your fridge updates. I think of you fondly as I look at my fridge filled with yoghurt and beer.

  15. Yeah for no Phantom #8! I consistently have to dig bras out laundry . . . you know, on the days I actually put one on.

  16. Fishsticks up there? I had a city inspector at my front door recently to sign off on some work done around back. Young guy. Everything's fine. He knocks a few minutes later, says the thing passed, 'bye, but now he's looking stressed, real stressed.

    I thought, what on earth? Then I went past my laundry room he'd just gone past twice. Okay, my daughter's bras were on full display there air-drying, and there's no curtain on that big window. She is as well endowed as Harvard University and I, on the other hand, am by comparison the junior college that lost all its funding.

    And that guy didn't know and didn't want to know and couldn't get away from my house fast enough.

  17. Ha! That reminds me of Operation Petticoat - "The Japanese have nothing like this!"

  18. I want the fridge they have in the consession stand for the kids softball games. Clear glass doors and wire shelves- We would not have to hold the door open while we were looking for stuff. though I would have to clean it more often. :)



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