Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Today our kitchen sink faucet broke. Or, rather, it worked too well and wouldn't stop running; so I turned off the water valves and called the plumber. When he stopped by (within an hour!), we discussed the ins and outs of repairing the faucet v getting a new one. "Tell you what," he said. "When I get back to the office, I'll look up a few models and see what I should recommend and how much they cost."

Trying not to sound pathetic but needing to communicate to him that this was an urgent situation, I said (faux cheerfully), "I guess I'll just hang out here with no kitchen sink and no dishwasher while you do that."

"Oh, no, the dishwasher should still be working, ma'am," he reassured me.

Yes, it should, shouldn't it? After all these months?

Another plumber called me later and said, "Brian was telling me about your problem; and he and John and I have been discussing which sink faucet would be best."

(I told you years ago - some people have interior designers; I have personal plumbers.)

And the solution? Only costs me...let's see...700 bucks. Or, I could spend 220 dollars repairing the broken faucet, with pretty much a guarantee of doing that every 2 years. Because that's how old this faucet is - 2 years. Someone do the math for me, will ya? I'm sort of tired.

You know, I never liked this faucet. Larry picked it out, and I managed to refrain from telling him that it's ugly. (See? I have learned something from 19 years of marriage.)

It may be time to enlighten him.


  1. Wow...What about just getting a new one yourself at IKEA? They certainly aren't even close to $200. Are they? I could buy a car for $700. Where are you? I could install it for you... That's outrageous!

    Kari B

  2. For $700 it better have a switch to turn the water into wine!

  3. I'm not getting why you need a specific faucet, and why you couldn't just run into Lowe's and choose a new one. They are super-spendy, but you can most certainly get one cheaper than $700. GAH!

  4. Yikes! I think we spent close to $200.oo on our kitchen faucet brand new...at Home Depot, but my DH installed it :) Hooray for "handy Hubbys"! He even let me pick it out! I can't believe that it would cost $200 buck to REPAIR.
    Good Luck

  5. $700 for a new faucet?!? Does the plumber wear a tux while he installs it?

    I like where we live, but my husband is weary of the constant little repairs needed for upkeep. I don't know what I would do if he was deployed or traveled regularly. It makes renting sound like a good plan.

  6. I think Larry TOTALLY owes you the faucet of your choice. And I am impressed that not only do you have a personal plumbing squad, but they take time to discuss your options--do they charge for the consulting fee or is that gratas because you are a regular?

  7. One word: ebay.

    I always get my faucets there.

  8. I think you should just give up all this new fangled indoor plumbing stuff and dig yourself a well and an outhouse in your back yard.

    Problem solved.

    You're welcome.

  9. Please tell me that the $700 is for more then just the faucet. You need pipes replaced or something else too, right? Cause if just one faucet costs that much, it damn well better wash and put away all your dishes by itself!

  10. Surely there is something available for less than even $200 at one of the home improvement places or local hardware store? A faucet is not that difficult to install, even I've managed it on my own.

  11. Um, $700? Okay not to sound bad, but wouldn't it be better to go buy a $150 new faucet from Best Buy or somewhere and have the hubs install it?


  12. I think you should give up and move. Just don't make the mistake of moving somewhere with all new appliances and fixtures. Move into one of those houses were all of the appliances still work, but are old and out of date and you think "soon these will die and I can replace them with something I like." Those appliances will work until Susie is in college.

  13. Okay, I'm checking back in to see if you have running water in the kitchen again? All day long I've been thinking, "this could be worse...I could be trying to banish germs w/o a way to wash dishes and bottles."

  14. Buy the faucet you like at lowes or home depot. Make sure it is a name brand, like prie pfister or delta. They take an hour, if you are totally clueless, to install. You will need plumbers putty between the bottom of the faucet and the top of the sink edge and the faucet. It should cost no more than $150 total to get a really decent faucet.

    Where is your get a clue post? I know a certain teenager who needs to read it.

  15. Are you really, really serious???? You could get a whole new sink and counter top for $700

  16. I think I'd just switch to a garden hose for that price. They do reach into your home usually, which I know because once some little scientist did that experiment and flooded out the computerized piano. Why not do something useful like stick it through the kitchen window and into the sink? So, It would need a remote, or be child run to turn off and on, but it would be cheap. I am however, thoroughly impressed and jealous of your personal plumbing squad.

  17. Hi there!

    I just gave you an award. :)


  18. Wondering if I can talk my husband into a really long drive to help you out by installing one... Look up the ratings on plumbers on Yelp? I found a good one that way--fast, honest, and cheap. (And with Yelp they know customers will say afterwards how things went.)

    Before that, though, I once had to call a plumber for backup problems beyond what our little home snake could fix. The guy found out that oh by the way there was a toilet that needed fixing too (that DH just hadn't gotten around to--you can tell we don't have four teenagers at home anymore screaming for the bathrooms) and he offered to fix it for us for $700. Must be a magic number they teach in plumbing school?

    We almost said out loud, Are you *CRAZY*? Politely turned him down. He then offered to fix it for $175. Whoa, that was a quick discount. No thank you. The part was $30, my sweetie just needed to get around to it.

    And feeling like he was pulling off a $700 repair now, I suppose, got my hubby to finally do it after the plumber left. Whatever works.

    Which, hopefully, your faucet will soon be doing.

  19. For $700 I'd be carrying buckets of water back and forth from the tub.


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