Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Name This Post (Cause I Can't)

Apparently, the H1N1 pandemic is providing fertile ground for conspiracy theorists. I watched a YouTube video (why? I don't know) in which a woman propounds her theory that the (secretly deadly) swine flu vaccinations are part of a sinister gov't population-control plan. Why else, she asks, would pregnant women and young children be first?

Apparently, she has never seen Titanic.


Fortunately, there were less frightening videos being passed around this week also. This was the family favorite:

Of course, we don't have cable. So anything will amuse us.


Finally, I'm sure the Supreme Court will be relieved to know that, collectively, we've remembered all their names. Turns out that it was Souter who retired (Sotomayor took his place), Stevens is still there, and Kennedy was the one that none of my friends and I remembered. Jeopardy, here we come!

Not many people wanted to tackle the Cabinet questions though. Shelley was brave enough to take a stab at it and mentioned Janet Napolitano, Director of Homeland Security. So now we've got 4: Napolitano, Clinton (Secretary of State), Gates (Defense), and Sibelius (HHS). There must be more, right?

Remember, honor system, no Googling - how many Cabinet members are there and what are their names? I know that, together, we can do it. Yes, we can.

Well, maybe not...but it's worth a try.


  1. Janet Napolitano -- of course! She was just on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. (I was impressed - she was funny and held her own against his questioning. And yes, you can watch this on the computer via Comedy Central. You're welcome.)

  2. Let's see, I think that Gibbs (Press Secretary) is part of the cabinet, then there is LaHood (Transportation), Arne Duncan (Education), Geithner (Treasury), and Holder (Justice). That's all I got off the top of my head, I think three are from Chicago so it's easier for me to remember, since I've seen them all before. :)

    Are you counting his Czars as cabinet positions?

  3. The press secretary isn't in the cabinet. However, don't forget Biden, technically he is a part of the cabinet. Salazar is Dept of Interior, Vilsack is Dept of Agriculture. That's all I got other than the already mentioned. I only know those because my son in basic training had to memorize them & he was telling me about it.

    So how many do we have now? There are 15 total, not including the VP.

  4. Woo Hoo! I got the Kennedy answer!
    Now I feel much better about myself & my totally...Um...Relaxed state of homeschooling this week ;)

  5. Sigh - I don't know the Cabinet question - I think it's because I'm trying to block the entire Administration from my collective psyche.

    Thus endeth your conservative Republican comment of the day.

  6. I never knew of that theory...women and children first is population control. Interesting.
    I knew Souter retired, my book club read The Nine recently and learned SO much.

  7. The video was hilarious! My child was utterly confused but my hubby and I enjoyed it. As for the cabinet, I have no idea beyond Clinton and I couldn't name the supreme court justices if I had to. Homeschooling Moms - 1; Slacker Public Ed Mom - 0