Sunday, October 11, 2009

No Time For A Title - Starbucks Is Kicking Me Out

For those of you tired of having to hop all over the place for your news, piecing together viewpoints from the right, left, and center, I've discovered this little gem of a site. It's called The Moderate Voice, and it appears to be a place where people with differing viewpoints seem to have agreed to carry on a civil discussion of the important issues of the day without assuming that anyone who disagrees with them is a socialist/fascist/agent of Satan/enemy of progress (pick one).

Quite frankly, I had forgotten that that was even possible.

Today I decided that if Theo weren't coming home for fall break, we would just have to go visit him. That'll teach him to go to a school less than 2 hours from home, won't it? So we all piled in the car (sans Anna, who for some reason felt that she had better things to do than spend 4 hours of her Sunday in close contact with her younger siblings) and headed out to see if Theo still looked the same (he doesn't - he's taller). Theo regaled us with tales of freshman dorm life that made me realize (once again) how old I've gotten; and he got to hear the little ones bicker in the car on the way to lunch, which could only have reinforced his commitment to not flunk out of college and return home to live.

Oh, and Army ROTC taught Theo to jump off tall buildings and rappel down. Nice. After they were all strapped into the safety gear, one cadet hesitated and told the OIC he didn't think he could do the jump. So the guy (helpfully) pushed him off.

You're in the Army now, buddy...


  1. That article by Bill Moyers on $ and the identities and roles of the lobbyists in the healthcare debate--I want it shouted from the housetops! I've read a little of it before but that level of detail needs to be kept front and center: we're on to you, guys.

  2. Civil discussion of important issues without anyone calling anyone else Satan? Sounds too good to be true. :)

  3. I'm with Jason... I'll have to check out that website!
    And your assessment of the usefulness of younger siblings is very astute. We once considered ourselves birth control for the neighborhood.

  4. Shortman is coming home this weekend for his 18th birthday. If he got any taller, though, we will have to raise the doorways.

    Thanks for the link - checking it out now.

  5. I will be sure the check out the link.

    Too funny about the kid that hesitated . . . I suspect his learning curve just leveled off a bit!

  6. Will Theo be rappelling out of your house during xmas break? I could see this new skill coming in handy.