Saturday, October 10, 2009

Make Cakes, Not Faucets

Mummy McTavish sent me a picture of a homemade faucet from "There, I Fixed It" - a blog that is frequented by dyed-in-the-wool DIY'ers (judging from the comments). She claims that this contraption could have fixed all my plumbing problems quite cheaply. I mean, if Depression-era farmhouse decor were my thing...

Larry found the photograph intriguing, but not intriguing enough to rid him of his plumbing-induced PTSD.

Now I need to go bake his cake. Every year we make him a cranberry-upside-down cake for his birthday. We found the recipe years ago in a book called Cranberry Valentine, and the rest is history. I have no idea whether Larry actually likes the cake or whether he is simply loath to buck tradition. I'm just glad to be making a cake that requires neither creativity nor frosting.


  1. No frosting?!?! But cake is simply a vehicle with which to deliver frosting to your mouth, I rarely even eat the cake, just the frosting!

    That's just wrong. ;)

  2. Are you going to share the recipe? I love cranberry anything...

  3. Share the recipe?

    And happy birthday to your hubby! :)

  4. Awwww - Happy Birthday dear Larry!

  5. I like that faucet design. Simple, very few parts to break. The faucet in the basement laundry sink does not turn off and it was too old to find parts for. The plumber installed valves like these in the supply lines for said faucet and we turn off the water with them. :)

    He also installed a commercial type faucet with a removable handle for the hose outside, as my boys like to leave the water running. Town water is too expensive to let it run all over the yard.

  6. I kind of love that faucet.

    Cranberry upside down cake is the best. Happy birthday!

  7. I love a cake slathered in butter icing. YUM. But, since it is Larry's birthday I guess he gets to pick the cake. Happy Birthday Larry!

    We may be doing that lego brick cake in a few weeks... I am hoping he ONLY wants a lego brick but I fear he thinks I will design something that looks like one of his lego constructions.

  8. Happy Birthday! No frosting? Surely just a glaze would work?

  9. Happy birthday! And just for fun, look at the very last cake here. There's a clean-the-fridge-and-look-what-you-found cake!

  10. Love that FixIt website. The faucet's really not so bad. Probably wouldn't go with your cabinets, though.



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