Saturday, September 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Procrastination Edition

I was listening to a movie review for "Contagion," which has Matt Damon in it so of course I am going to want to see it no matter what the reviewer says.  Anyway, as an example of the witty writing in the movie, the review served up this bit:

"Blogging?  That's not writing.  Blogging is just graffiti with punctuation."

Now where is my spray can, anyway?


We went from August to November here within the space of about 2 days.  I know I have complained before about it taking only 8.2 seconds to get from September 1 to December 31st; but, really, this is ridiculous.  We ended up having to turn the heat on in the house, something we wouldn't have had to do if I had had my accustomed amount of time (known to others as "autumn") to take care of my summer weight gain.  As it is, I still can't manage to squeeze my jeans over my long johns.   I need at least another month of counting Weight Watcher's points to be able to perform that particular magic trick.


Feel free to vote for me (again!) on the Circle of Moms Big Family Bloggers page - the ordeal continues until October 3, it seems.  I wish I knew whether there were valuable prizes or not.  Probably not. And there are 2 blogs at the top of the list with approximately 1100 votes a piece.  Show-offs...


Speaking of valuable prizes, I just found that gift card sitting on my computer desk.  Which means, uh, that I never mailed it.  Sorry, Emily!  It's coming!  See title of this post, re procrastination...

In a fit of desperation while Larry was away last month, I bought myself a pretty pink tool kit at Target.  No more was I going to nag my beleaguered spouse to hang things up on our walls - now I had my very own (pink-handled) electric screwdriver to do the job.  Also?  A dainty hammer, attractive tape measure, and a nifty pair of pink pliers.  Oh, happiness!

Isn't it pretty?
Yes, Larry already owns all of these items (albeit not pink).  But I haven't a clue as to where to find them in our jungle of a utility room; and he tends to look really stressed out when I ask him to find them for me.  So now I have my own.  This is how our marriage works, people.  Don't knock it.

Well!  I was put to the test a couple of days ago - our tub was draining hardly at all and leaving a nasty, slippery residue of hair conditioner and soap scum on the bottom when it did.  I procured my pink pliers (which took a while, because't find my tool kit at first) (don't tell Larry, okay?) and (wo)manfully wrested the drain cover thingie from it's hole.  (Let me know if this is getting too technical - we handywoman types do like to talk shop, you know.)  Ecstatic at my success, I didn't even mind sticking my hand in to retrieve what looked like an entire mouse's nest of human hair all globbed together with soap and shampoo.  People who own tool kits don't flinch from grossness, you know.

Come to think of it, I'm lucky I didn't pull a centipede out of there while I was at it.  That totally would have been the end of my Ms. Fix-It career.

Be sure to check out the original 7 Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary.  Jen is going on a family trip this weekend with 5 kids ages 7 and under (circumstances which definitely do not scream "vacation" to me); but she still found time to drop us a line (and on the right day, unlike moi).

And yes, I know that's only 6 - what's that saying?  A day late and a Quick Take short?

[thermometer image:]
[tool kit image: Cordless Screwdrivers]


  1. My husband's workbench is a dark hole. Luckily, I have a neighbor who is more than willing to fix anything I need fixed. As my husband does for his wife when he's gone. It works!

  2. Way to go, Home Repair Woman!!

    Does the tool box case have room for "Modern Woman's Guide to Home Repair"? Sometimes you actually have to *know* something. It can be so deflating. ;)

  3. You know, YEARS ago you were supposed to mail me a book. I don't even remember what book it was--maybe something by Anne Lamott? If I were Emily, I wouldn't hold my breath.

  4. Oh, I found it:

    Three years. Do you realize I was pregnant in August 2008 and the child is about to turn three?

  5. @amy - I know! I lost your address and then (a while later) I asked for it in a post and then I forgot about it again. I remembered today, though, as I was writing this post. So please send me your address again, before the entire blogosphere distrusts me.

    I'm not a deadbeat, just forgetful. As you should know from reading about my library fine habit...

  6. I voted. Obv.

    Also, I came into this marriage with a big red tool box. My husband didn't have so much as a hammer. Also, I'm the one who deals with spiders and other critters when they occasionally invade. I should probably send my husband back for a refund. Just saying.

  7. "Graffiti with punctuation"?? I once heard Craig Ferguson describe books to the younger generation as "long papery blogs".

  8. @Cheri- but the real question here, is your husband exothermal? (As mine says, men get a lot of mileage out of that.)

    I too came to marriage with lots of tools. We now both use them. Of course I'm the one who can usually find them, since my husband tends to put things down wherever he happens to be when he stops thinking about it and not remember where that was.

  9. Haha -- I figured it was something like that. :) We've all been there! Sometimes life seems to throw more at us than we can deal with at one time!

  10. "Mouse's nest of human hair all globbed together with soap and shampoo" is exactly WHY I DON'T clean out the trap in the tub/shower. Because it looks too much like the real thing.

    I had a nice tool kit when I married, but since it wasn't pink, has taken it over. No big deal (see above).



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