Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I've Been To Boot Camp And It Wasn't Fun

Why is this woman smiling?  Beats me.
A certain husband around here has taken to leaving articles up on the computer screen for me to see after he leaves for work in the morning -- articles like this one in the NY Times which extols the virtues of vigorous exercise, likening it to a housecleaning for one's body.

Tell me, is that supposed to encourage me to hop on that exercise bike downstairs?  I mean, have I ever given Larry the impression that I LIKE housecleaning?    I know we don't communicate that well sometimes, but this is just ridiculous. 

Besides, we all know that housecleaning is dangerous.  Is he trying to do me in? 

Maybe I should check to see just how much insurance that man has on me, anyway.

[exercise image: Mom Corps blog]


  1. See, it's not the I want to exercise. It's that I want to have exercised. Or better yet, I want to be able to hire someone to exercise for me.

  2. I have a good idea. Give him a tiny duster and let him do the housecleaning he thinks your body needs!

  3. If my house gets cleaned, I consider myself exercised. Unfortunately, neither of us is in great shape.

  4. Uh oh, the husband leaves "articles" for the wife. I've seen this trend before.

  5. Well, it beats him trying to tell you to shape up, I guess.

  6. Maybe it's time for you to dig up an article to leave on his pillow, something like,"Tthe health dangers of leaving articles on exercise for one's wife to read."

  7. Cheer up! He could be retired and staying home to make sure you actually exercise. (True story of my life.)

  8. You could leave him articles on, buying nice clothes, flowers, and chocolate for your wife helps men to live longer.



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