Sunday, June 17, 2012

Woe Is Me

Seriously tired, people - Larry let the kids stay up and roast marshmallows tonight over the neighbor's fire pit (and no, we could NOT possibly be more suburban, that is correct) and now it is 10 PM and NO ONE IS ASLEEP.  I could weep.

And we have to be at a 9:00 doctor's appointment tomorrow AM for Brian and his TB symptoms, who of course stopped coughing (again) the minute I made the darn appointment; but it's too late to cancel it now (and if I did, he'd start up again, anyway).

And...I was sitting in Starbucks this afternoon, working away, when I got this irritating little tickle in my own throat and almost coughed my intestines out.  I could not stop.  I had to pack up my computer and leave, tears streaming down my face, hacking away, with everyone in the shop eyeing me warily.  By the time I got home, it felt as though I had sprained my throat from the coughing.  Is that possible?  Should I Google "sprained throat"?  Because it STILL hurts like the dickens.  And Larry doesn't seem to believe me.  You'd think he thought I was a hypochondriac or something...


  1. what a great time for a summer whole-house quarantine.

  2. I'm thinking that "sprained throat" is a dangerous thing to look up... and you'll rest easier tomorrow night having gone to the doctor for your son's cough. Of course, that might just be the kids catching up on lost sleep...

  3. I *hate* that irritating tickle cough. It always feels like you will be coughing forever. I hope everybody is better soon.

  4. Ugh. Hope everyone is well soon.

  5. AnonymousJune 18, 2012

    I call that cough the "Grandma Bj" cough, because my Granmda, whose last name starts with Bj, has been afflicted with that cough for years. She can't even crochet anymore because the tiny yarn fuzzes set her off on a coughing fit. I tend to get the cough as an after-effect of any little cold or sniffle. The cold goes away after a day or two, then the cough lingers with a vengeance for weeks and weeks. I find that lots of sleep and Nyquil help. Cough drops and hard candies do not help, but people are always pushing them at me. Nor does "calm down and just concentrate on not coughing" help. (I got the cough in the middle of my sister-in-law's wedding ceremony, and nearly suffocated myself trying to calm down and not cough.) If you discover a cure, I'd like to know.
    Jenny in NC

  6. as if you're not already busy...i tagged you for a game of blog tagging thing whatever it's called. there are 11 questions for you on my blog ->

    looking forward to your answers!!

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