Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Birthday Blues

Yes, well, my birthday is in 2 days, and - as some of you might recall - Larry will not be here.  Meaning, I do not get the entire day off to do as I please, which is the ONLY birthday present I ever ask for.  Larry half-heartedly offered me Friday instead (or maybe it wasn't so much half-heartedly as fearfully, considering my aversion to rescheduling my birthday).  He doesn't realize, I'm angling for an entire weekend at this point.  Away.  By myself.  Or, better yet, with Jen on the Edge and Mrs. G at Jen's house...

Anywhoo, I'm still sulking a bit.  So I watched one of my favorite YouTube videos to cheer myself up.  This was making the rounds way back (I think before I even started blogging); so, in case any of you have not seen it, treat yourself to something awesome.

Watch it twice.  You'll be glad you did.


  1. My birthday was yesterday. I spent my morning looking for my Social Security card and birth certificate so I could spend the afternoon at the Driver's licensce division renewing my license.
    I did get a nap when I got back and we went out for a nice dinner last night, so the day ended well :0)

    I hope you get your weekend off, and you don't need to renew your license for many years....

  2. Whew! That makes me tired and a little dizzy.

    At our wedding our best man did a juggling routine. Certainly made the event memorable!

  3. Reminds me of how much I love the Beatles. Posting on twitter via you.

  4. Happy Birthday. Last year I had to go to parent-teacher conferences on my birthday--fun.

    I had to mute the video because I can't stand Paul's voice. Also, I'm glad I don't live in whatever state Jillybean is in. I haven't needed extra papers at the DMV since I got married and my name changed. Ever since it's just an eye test and a fee every 5 years, at the AAA office--which is pretty much why we're members, so we can avoid the DMV as much as possible.

  5. Here is a birthday present for you:


  6. I hope you have a good birthday regardless!

  7. You should DEFINTELY go.

    That is way cool.

  8. For your birthday present I watched that video. I really didn't want to but I thought it was the least I could do.

    And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  9. I think you deserve an entire day (plus evening) off away from family *AND* undoubtedly you need to go the big shebang at Jen's! GO GO GO GO!!!! I'd carpool with you if I still lived there.

    Will you feel bad if I tell you that I will be child- and husband-free on Thursday?

  10. Happy Birthday!
    Go--for the WHOLE weekend.

  11. I fully and completely embrace the idea of birthday week so by my estimate you have a full 7 days plus a make up one for your actual birthday. If anyone complains or criticizes birthday week, I tell them that the next step is to have a jubilee like the queen.

  12. Claudia has an excellent idea.

    I just returned to watch the juggling again. Fan-tab-u-lous!

  13. Girl, we are totally going to celebrate your birthday Derf-style when you're hear. Prepare to eat too much and laugh a lot.

  14. AnonymousJune 21, 2012

    All the world is birthday cake
    So have a piece but not too much. - George Harrison (It's All Too Much)



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