Friday, November 22, 2013

Gone Knittin'

It's that time of year, folks - the time when my fantasies of a hand-knitted Christmas run full tilt into the brick wall of reality.  I've been knitting and roaming the Internets buying yarn and generally ignoring my family and my blog and...well...everything.  I'm at the point where I am vaguely aware that, if I were to add up the time it actually takes me to knit a pair of hand warmers or a lovely waffleweave scarf, I would discover there are NOT ENOUGH HOURS left to complete my gift list.  So, naturally, I choose not to add it up.  Knitting with my eyes wide shut, as it were...

So much yarn, so little time, people - so little time.


  1. It's beautiful! (And now my fingers are in full-itch mode.)

  2. I've been busily buying yardage from -- not that I will be completing more than one quilting project before Christmas. I should probably take a good hard look at the calendar, my work schedule, and my free time (mostly non-existent).
    Like you, I'm still in denial. I like it there. :)

  3. My mother used to tell me it's the thought that counts. I hope that's true. I've thought a lot about making aprons and scarves and crafts as gifts for everyone this year. But that's all I've managed so far -- just thoughts. Hope they count.

  4. Ha, ha, for a hand knit Christmas, you pretty much need to get started on December 26 and work non stop. I am knitting a nordic table runner for my step mother this year. I'm concerned that she won't like it, but it's already several feet long, so I am committed to it.

  5. lol yeah I always think to myself that I should make handmade gifts for Christmas and then the reality hits that I just don't want to spend the time needed to accomplish that.

  6. Seems perfectly sensible to me. All that time spent estimating hours could be spent instead knitting. (Julie, you have to understand that for knitters, making gifts is an excuse to sit around knitting. I think of knitting gifts as 'sucking the fun out of the yarn and then passing it on'. And since I live in NH, the recipients are generally okay with being buried in woolly handknits. )

    1. I know! I feel as though I am cheating the recipient - here I've had all the fun knitting, and all he/she gets is a scarf or some fingerless mitts.