Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween Something Something

Can't think of a good post title - can you tell?

A good Halloween was had by all, despite the intermittent (and UNPREDICTED) rain showers that occurred here. (As one local said, if only everyone had dressed as Mary Poppins, they all would have been prepared.)  This was the first year that Brian (costumed as a Lego piece, which he made all by himself, thank goodness, and the materials cost me only 10 bucks) was allowed to trick or treat without an adult - his 13-year-old self was thrilled to leave his younger sisters with his dad and go to as many houses as he liked with his 2 buddies (a ninja and a banana) instead.  That left Larry with only a bag of jelly beans and a princess to take around the townhouse developments, which felt a little strange, but he managed.

A popular item around here, apparently
The jelly bean costume came out great - many thanks to small town me, who suggested using water balloons (of which we had 2 or 3 bags in the house, I know not why).  They worked perfectly and everyone was happy.  It was rather weird having a Halloween with no costume crisis.  I guess I'm still sort of traumatized by the year that Brian wanted to be a tornado.  And of course there was the butterfly-wings crisis of 2001...

You know, going back and reading those 2 posts?  Makes me super glad I wrote all that stuff down.  Score one for blogging.

We had 33 trick-or-treaters, which is up some from previous years.  Of course, when we first moved here in the late 90's, we used to have 60 or 70 kids come by.  I blame all these stupid trunk-or-treats that adults insist on holding for their precious little darlings.  Oh, wait, I've already railed about that problem.  I'm getting a bit repetitive here with my tirades. 

I need more of these.  NEED.

Hardly anyone handed out Twix this year, though.  Can I complain about that instead?

[Water balloons image: Promo-Wholesale]
[Twix image: Hugs & Cookies]


  1. We had 8 candy bars left when I came back to take the littlest kids to the restroom and 6 left after our second outing. I only bough 18 full sized candy bars.;)

  2. One neighbor handed out FULL SIZE Twix. My daughter didn't care about anything else. That one candy bar made her night.

  3. We have Twix! Separated out into the gluten-candy bag...

  4. My kids got almost ALL chocolate. Best (and wettest) Halloween ever.

  5. Since the candy came in a bag of 100 pieces, we handed out five to each trick-or-treater. Lucky for us, we had EXACTLY the right amount of candy. This sounds like the setup for a word problem, but it really did happen.

  6. We had candy left over this year because the number of trick-or-treaters was down to merely around 400. Our little Milwaukee neighborhood is serious about Halloween.

  7. My kids only came home with ONE Almond Joy. COM'MON people that's the only candy they willingly give to me.

  8. I only bought candy I didn't care about. Then I left town for the weekend.It was great for my diet. :)
    The person who brought in snickers bars to work today is NOT my friend

  9. I went to my friend's house to go trick or treating with her kids, but then didn't feel well. I confess I hid in a darkened house Halloween night. I needed it.

  10. Brian was a Lego piece. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. 1 box and 2 cans of spray paint from Home Depot, 6 medium-sized round plastic take-out containers scrounged from neighbors - total cost under $10 and Brian did all the work. Best. Costume. Ever.