Saturday, November 09, 2013

Dancing Fools

I think I need this dress.
For the second time this year, Larry and I braved public humiliation to attend a local contra dancing session.  Surprisingly, it went okay.  I smiled manically, as previously directed, which helped to make up for the fact that Larry spent the greater part of the evening looking confused.  We're a good team like that.

Like last time, we made it to the halfway point of the evening without collapsing; and, as we were trying to sneak our exhausted selves out of the building, one gentleman asked if I wanted to waltz.  You see, these crazy people waltz around the room during their break instead of sprawling in chairs and trying to catch their breaths.

Fact: Dancers are in very good shape. 

Fact: We aren't dancers.  We just fake it.

[Dancers image: freeclipartstore]


  1. I'm too German to even fake it.

  2. Sounds like fun! I'd love to learn how to swing dance. I should sign my husband and I up for that :)

  3. Fun! So inquiring minds want to know: did you accept the invitation?

  4. I love that you are doing dance classes together! My husband and I used to take jujutsu, and he told me once he'd like to do something else that didn't involve us hitting and kicking at each other so much.

  5. I like a long skirt for makes it harder for people to tell I'm messing up the steps!

  6. Good for you to go out dancing!
    I always am in awe of those couples who keep moving and make it look effortless and graceful.

  7. Seriously good for you! That is sweet, romantic and fun - even if you are gasping for breath ;-)

  8. Also? Polka dancing can be scary and dangerous!!! Good for you for getting out there and living dangerously!



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