Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Right Turn

I waited 24 hours, and then I looked.  3 lefts and one right.  I'm not thrilled, but I'll live.  I ripped one of the lefts all the way back to the ribbing and am now well on my way to MAYBE having 3 full pairs of fingerless mitts completed.

Minus the thumbs.  I'm telling myself I can maintain my momentum better if I save all the thumbs for last.  I have a feeling that the mid-December me is going to hate the pre-Thanksgiving me for making that decision.  Right now, however, it feels good.  Because I hate knitting thumbs.


  1. I'm impressed you even know how to knit thumbs! Good luck. (Hoping you share pictures of the finished gloves.)

  2. Knitting thumbs has got to be difficult. I've never tried. Good luck. And thank God the count was better than you first thought.

  3. I always leave the thumbs for last. It *does* go quicker, I promise. Right now I've been tasked to knit new mittens for the boys. The girl, thankfully, decided she wanted to shop in the bags of Knits of Winters Past, and luckily, there were a couple of pairs in there that didn't get lost along the way.

  4. I had to read that 3 times to get it haha. Yes I'm not a knitter.

  5. In your honor I spent last night and today ordering more supplies for homemade Christmas gifts. I didn't want you to feel alone.



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