Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baby, You Can Light My Fire

As we headed out to our afternoon activity today, we noticed the day had become windy.  Very windy.  As in, we kept expecting to see a witch come riding through the air on her bicycle windy.  At our destination, the kids and I saw a large pine branch crush the hood of a minivan and tear through the roof of the convertible parked next to it.

Lesson of the day: DO NOT PARK near trees.

Now it's evening and the wind has picked up again.  Rachel is sleeping on the couch because I am scared to put her in her room on the top floor.  So far we have power, but there are numerous outages in the area and the temps are plummeting down to 20 or below tonight.  So I am wondering just why Larry had to try to "fix" the gas fireplace in the den last week.  It didn't look broken to me, but he claims the jets weren't burning right.  Now, they're not burning at all.  And neither of us can remember the name of the guy who has fixed the fireplaces before.

We went downstairs later and noticed that the pilot light in the basement fireplace was out.  Because the last time we tried to light the pilot was so traumatizing, we decided to just turn off the gas and wait for the guy who we can't call because we can't remember his name to miraculously show up at our house and fix everything.  That solution may seem irrational, but it is way more sensible and inexpensive than divorce lawyers.

Sometimes?  I cannot believe we are grownups.


  1. I just had to wake everyone up and send them down to the basement, due to a weird whistling sound in the wind. Last time I heard that whistling sound, there was a tornado less than a mile from our house. Not quite sure how I am going to get to sleep tonight...

  2. Ugh! I hope you made it through the night safely. We had high winds here last night. A big piece of our siding blew off but luckily nothing worse.

  3. Hope you're all okay. We have this wind now as well and it's so scary.

  4. Just promise me you won't try to light the hot water heater with a rolled-up newspaper. That's what my husband's grandmother used to do. While wearing a long-sleeve shirt for extra flirting with death. I'm totally serious.

  5. The wind keeps blowing Hubby's 20 ft aluminum canoe across the cement patio. I moved it back an hour ago right next to my office.his workshop and it is diagonally across the patio again, moved around 10 ft. Now it keeps hitting against the side of the workshop. Maybe I should find a kids to help move it to the basement after they get home from school?

  6. Freaky. What IS happening with your weather out there?
    Hope your power stays on.

  7. That sounds very scary. I hope everybody stays safe.

  8. TG My husband will light those things. I'm always afraid to go BOOM!

  9. I am seriously LOLing that your husband's "fix" made it worse. The wind on Wednesday night was crazy! We have a tin roof that vibrates noisily whenever their is a wind and there were a few gusts that I seriously thought were going to tear the roof right off our house.



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