Sunday, March 30, 2014

Basic Training

Friday I went to my first physical therapy appointment, where I learned that the muscles in my left leg and hip are much weaker than those on my right and that my left calf muscle looks, to quote my physical therapist Nola, "atrophied."

Atrophied - as if I weren't even using it.  What the heck? I walk several miles a week and run up and down the stairs of my townhouse approximately 50 times a day. I mean, it's not as though I am hopping on one leg to do all that. All I can figure is that the pain in my leg has been so severe that I was somehow favoring it and not using it as much.

But, still, is that even possible?

My new BFF
Nola was right, though - when she had me do side leg lifts, I could feel the difference between left and right. She assigned me a page and a half's worth of exercises to do every day, and - well -what Nola wants, Nola gets.  She was going to assign me core strengtheners also (for my arthritic back); but I assured her that I was already best friends with my Kathy Smith tummy trimmers video. I had to promise to do that every day, also.

Breakfast of champions

All this training! Now I know how Olympic athletes feel.  I'm thinking that it's no coincidence I eat the same yogurt as they do.

Moral: If something is wrong with you, don't wait 6 months to get some help. You'll just  mess yourself up more in the meantime.  And you might end up with a physical therapist whose name makes this tune run through your head non-stop.

I don't think Nola would approve of those heels, though.

[Kathy Smith image:]
[Yogurt image: Walmart]


  1. Yup, my left leg was weaker too. It's also a little shorter (my hips are misaligned). I suspect that because my left hip joint was so painful due to Lyme, I favored the left leg, and it being shorter didn't help, either.

    Core is more than just the tummy though! I can feel my core strength when I run--it makes such a difference. Also, MY physical therapist was Polish. I definitely did whatever she told me too! She didn't mess around. ;)

  2. If you're right-handed, you tend to favor the right leg as well- I notice in karate that I'm stronger on the right side- and that's been true since I started lessons in my 20s.

  3. I just found out that the Chobani yoghurt I love most has almost the equivalent of six teaspoons of sugar. Darn. So much for healthy eating.

    Hope you start feeling better soon. Of course, all that exercise should keep you happy!

  4. Wow--what a crazy thing to learn that you were so crooked!
    Hopefully all the strengthening works and you get rid of the pain soon.
    Nola sounds like too nice of a name for a trainer.

  5. Atrophied? That's serious!
    I was seeing Eva for my "tennis elbow" and she had her nice ultrasound machine. Now I've been transferred to SGT D. and he dug into my tendon with this fingers and thumb along with ultrasounding it. I could hardly sleep last night for the pain. "Hurts So Good" is the song I'm supposed to remember these days.

  6. Girl!!! Sorry to hear about the atrophy. That word is just awful, right?? Sending you unatrophy vibes from MN. And have you tried Fage plain greek yogurt? I tell myself that since it's plain, it's healthier ;)

  7. Now I'm totally going to be singing that song.