Friday, March 07, 2014

I NEED That Hour

Someone took my girls home with her after ice skating yesterday morning, leaving me to head back to my house ALL BY MYSELF. After briefly torturing Brian with grammar, I was free to scrub my bathrooms, clean up my living room, vacuum the floors and the rugs, and shovel all the detritus of winter (gloves, hats, tracked-in road salt, etc.) out of my entryway. Also? I prepped dinner.

It was glorious.

Today we went on a field trip, and Susie pouted through the whole thing.  "I don't LIKE airplanes," she grumbled to me, as our docent waxed rhapsodic over the first Boeing jetliner.  "I wanted to go to the bounce place."  She also refused to join the rest of the group in making paper airplanes and testing their center of gravity.  Homeschooling rebel, we call her. Poor thing, she'd like to cut class, but how?

I nursed a migraine the rest of the day. It's still here, actually, keeping me company as I type these words. Happily, Larry is the one getting up at 4:00 AM to drive David to a Civil Air Patrol event. That's totally fair, because I stayed up all night giving birth to that kid. Also, this will give Larry a head start on getting used to the time change this weekend.

Spring forward, my a** - it's more like being shoved forward, if you ask me...


  1. Ha! A homeschooled cutting class - I never thought about the impossibility of it.

    I detest, detest, detest the time change (no matter which direction). Thank you for allowing me to be grumpy about it here. Yes, shoved is the better word.

  2. Agreed about the clock change. A literal waste of time.

    "briefly tortured Brian with grammar" really made me laugh!

  3. My oldest is the queen of pouting at the best places.

    I'm looking forward to the time change but not the getting up earlier part.

  4. I am having one of those precious quiet, everyone is busy moments right now and you have inspired me to stop reading blogs and GET SOMETHING VACUUMED.

    1. Now I feel bad. I should have mentioned that I also spent some of that precious time reading blog posts. It was my reward for the vacuuming.

  5. That time alone is precious stuff!

  6. Good for you, helping Larry get used to the time change over the course of the weekend! DST was the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to the choir singing or not singing on Sunday morning. Sick members + shove forward = easy decision.
    And cutting class for homeschoolers? Ha!

  7. Jeez! I keep forgetting about the time change. I should probably change my clocks right now so I'm not late for church in the morning!

  8. Pulled forward kicking and screaming.

    My children are altar serving at the 7:30AM Mass tomorrow morning. Can you say Short End of the Stick???

  9. I just bitched, I mean blogged about this today . UGH!