Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pretzels Are Not Satisfying

I couldn't get to sleep until 1:15 AM Sunday night (well, Monday morning) due to that *&%&# (sp?) time change, and then Rachel woke me at 4:15 announcing that her stomach hurt.  I realized, while lying on the couch waiting for my beloved progeny to throw up, that my stomach hurt, too.  And so we spent all of Monday not eating and generally feeling lousy.

But no one barfed!  It's a win!

Stomach bug or not, I still managed to get a long-overdue pedicure (spring green with sparkles, but I am regretting that decision) AND to attend Bunko, where I was not able to eat even ONE BITE of all that delicious food.  Alas, ye mini quiches and delicious cream-cheese chutney, I hardly knew ye.

Gosh, I'm hungry.  I did eat a few pretzels and half a banana this morning, just to see what would happen.  Consider it my contribution to science.  Now they're sort of roiling around in my intestines, trying to decide what to do.

You're welcome.

In the meantime, it's GORGEOUS here today - mid-60's and all that, which would be awesome if it weren't just a way of softening us up for the sucker punch that will be Thursday, with its high of 30.  Someone up there has just got to stop messing with us, is what I am thinking.  I'm sick of suffering from weather whiplash.

Okay, off to clean my house, which descended into unspeakable levels of squalor as I lay around doing nothing yesterday.  At least I feel needed, right?


  1. Feeling your pain...it's in the 70s here today and Thursday will be in the 40s. So. Totally. Over It.

    And the food was always my favorite part of Bunko!

  2. Well at least there wasn't puking. That just makes more laundry!

  3. It snowed here again tonight and I almost cried. "Weather whiplash" is a good term for it, but the temps for us at the gorgeous end have only been as high as 40. (Why do I live here? I forget.)

  4. It got up to 60 yesterday but I'm sick and couldn't really enjoy it and today I can't breathe through my nose and it's going to be in the 20s tomorrow. So freaking done with this winter, but winter is not done with us. :(

  5. Feeling that whiplash along with you. I went southeast toward Baltimore, Maryland on Sunday, and it was indeed gorgeous weather. Drove northwest today to home, and it is now snowing. Grrr. My house also seems to have fallen into squalor, simply because I wasn't here.

  6. Hope you finally ate something that felt good in your tummy.
    "Weather Whiplash" is an excellent term. Have your patented it yet?

  7. You need to patent "Weather Whiplash."
    Would love to see those nails, lady. Sparkly green, you say?

  8. Any day that does not involve vomit (human or dog) is a good one!