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God Save The Cadburys

Larry came home from London today, bearing chocolate, plus shortbread. He did an EXCELLENT job, so I might let him go back, if he ever has the chance.

You know when you realize home-owning is fun? When you have to unclog the powder room toilet the minute you put down your suitcase.

For some reason, this week while Larry was gone, ALL THE THINGS happened, so the poor man was bombarded with information the minute he walked in the door. Larry heard all about Brian's audiology appointment (poor kid was going deaf in one ear, because I am the WORST mother in the entire world), the line-up of activities we are scheduled for this weekend, David's plans for the summer, Theo's present whereabouts (he left for the Mideast the same day Larry left for Europe), and then Anna's money-saving decision to move back home for the next few months. I swear, you'd think he had been gone a year.

And now I am realizing that we didn't even get around to telling him about Brian's l…

Sweets For The Sweet

Tonight I went up to Baltimore to see its Listen To Your Mother show. I also got to meet Ann Imig (the founder of the whole LTYM phenomenon) in person, because she happened to be there, too. So, yes, that's me, rubbing shoulders with the (blogging) famous. Next thing you know, I'll be trading recipes with the Pioneer Woman. I mean, it takes some special skill to throw together Costco frozen meatballs and Ragu spaghetti sauce the way I do. Those jars don't just open themselves, you know.

And now we are getting ready for LTYM DC (next week!), and Larry's packing for a business trip to London (next week!), and Brian tells me there is the homeschool prom (next week!), and suddenly I cannot wait for May, when I have absolutely nothing planned - at least, nothing that I can remember.

And yes, "homeschool prom" DOES sound a little weird, like we have a spelling bee instead of music and dancing. But it's actually a pretty normal prom, except nobody gets drunk bef…

I Can See Clearly Now

Today I get to wait around until the windshield-replacement guy shows up. I drove around for a full week thinking to myself, "When I get out of the car, I've GOT to remove that blade of grass on my windshield." Then I would forget, because - let's face it - you drive your car to get somewhere, and once you get there, that is all that is on your mind, not removing blades of grass from your windshield (which explains why, for SEVEN YEARS now, I have been forgetting to superglue the loose door gasket in place, so every once in a while it falls on someone's head as they are climbing in the car).

Anyway, then I noticed that the blade of grass seemed a tad longer and one day last week the sun caught it at just the right angle to reveal its true nature - a crack climbing up the windshield right in front of me. So it was sort of a Trojan blade of grass, as it were. Acting completely out of character, I immediately called the insurance company and set up today's appoi…

Men Are From Whatever Planet People Can't Hear On

Folks, this is how we communicate around here, in case you are wondering what 25 years of marriage looks like:
ME: So, judging from the read-through last night, we shouldn't bring the girls to the LTYM show. Think they're okay if we just leave them here for the afternoon?
HIM: Show?

ME: The Listen To Your Mother show is on May 1st. Can the kids stay by themselves at home?

HIM: <look of extreme incomprehension>

ME: Do you have ANY idea what I am talking about?

HIM: Wasn't the show last night?

ME: No! That was the read-through.


ME: You thought I was performing in LTYM last night and you just waved bye? Didn't you want to SEE it?

At this point, Larry is sitting there with the classic confused-husband look. I take pity on him and try again. Slowly.
ME: Last night we were all reading our pieces to each other to hear how they sounded together. The SHOW is on May 1st. 
HIM: I thought you changed it. So last week was the cast party and this week was just practice? When's…

Bowling Is Too A Sport

This week has just rocketed by. Theo's transfer date (he's going overseas) was moved up, so what was supposed to be a nice, leisurely visit spanning a week was changed to only 3 days, days filled with bureaucratic minutiae like changing his car registration, among other things. He arrived earlier than planned, too, the same night I was hosting Bunko, so I got to prep for Bunko (that is, clean the house, buy fun food, make other fun food) at the same time I was prepping for his visit (de-cheese the house, clear the guest room, etc.). Due to my general organizational ineptitude, this was not easy.

We did find time to go bowling, however, despite the short visit. (Hey, who sayswe're not an athletic family?) Susie wanted to show Theo how she can bowl strikes, and Larry and I were grasping for any opportunity to hang out with him, so that made all of us happy - well, except Rachel, who happens to be 13 and not excited by the thought of family togetherness. Probably Theo felt th…

Cookie Monster

Larry stopped by our credit union yesterday and, while he was there, decided to check out the new car sale going on. I don't really understand WHY there was a new car sale happening there, but hey, it seemed convenient.

Anyway, long story short, he went into sticker shock when he saw the prices ($37K for a minivan? Really?) True, it's been 7 whole years since we bought our Toyota minivan (which is hard for us to remember, because, hey, we still call it the "new" car), so I guess prices have gone up a bit. Still, that's a LOT of dough. Is everyone paying that nowadays? And how much longer do you think we can make our 2004 Honda Odyssey last?

Yes, we ARE a two-minivan family. We refer to it as "the fleet."

In other news, last night I attended a cast party for LTYM DC that included former cast members. It is sort of a blur, but I vaguely remember going all fangirl when introduced to someone from the very first year (2012), someone whose piece I loved. Als…

How To Waste Time And Piss Off People

Don't you hate when you discover a new calendar app that promises to make your days more efficient, and then you waste an entire morning figuring out how to enter things in it and how to make a priority to-do list?

Never happens to you? Well, uh, me neither. Just a hypothetical question, really. Asking for a friend, and all that...

Then I got on here to blog and of course had to check a few other blogs first (really, blogging is the 21st-century version of the coffee klatsch, people) and somehow ended up on YouTube, grooving to Joe Jackson's "Happy Loving Couples." It is a wonder my children ever get fed, actually.

It's a great song, though. Here, waste your time like I did - I'll feel better:

In other news, my fiendishly fit friend convinced me to once again sign up for the local Tour de Cure bike ride. Considering that the event is at the beginning of June and here it is April and still not biking weather outside, I am going to be as fabulously unfit for th…


Whoops, missed a day here, because my neighbor who apparently spends her ENTIRE DAY walking invited me to her workweek FitBit challenge. Sure, I thought, I walk a lot. I can do this. Apparently not, as she is now 10,000 steps ahead of me, and I have only 2 days to catch up.

Seriously, people - I walked the girls to a book sale at the school today, I walked to Michael's with Susie, and THEN I walked to the grocery store. After that, I ran up and down the stairs, cleaning the house for our history class tomorrow. Yet I am still behind on steps. I think maybe my neighbor is handing her FitBit to her 5-year-old son, feeding him some sugar, and sending him out to play.

In other news, my marriage breathed a sigh of relief as Mulch Weekend came to an end. Finally, Larry and I could talk to each other again without the "M" word coming up! Maybe we could go see a movie, even, or take a walk together. It was a wonderful 2 days, and then Larry told me that he has to go to London a…

Hope Springs Eternal

The weather can't seem to make up its mind around here. But, really, a spring cold snap doesn't bother me - it just provides me with the prolonged opportunity to wear my handknit socks. It's all good.

I joined my friends for the last day of their yarn crawl yesterday - we only hit 2 shops, but I still managed to spend a considerable amount of money. It's weird what happens in a yarn shop - you come up with all sorts of knitting plans you had no idea you wanted to do. That might explain why, surrounded by the CUTEST acrylic/wool yarns ever, I decided that I needed to start a grandmother hope chest - you know, in case any of my kids ever decide to reproduce.

That picture doesn't do the yarn justice, as I am the world's worst photographer. I guess I can't use the excuse that it moved just as I was snapping the photo?

Some other stuff found its way into my bag, also - random sock yarn, mostly. We also went out to lunch, and then there was a stop for sorbet/gela…

Oy, How I Suffer

A Scout mom came up to me during our mulch delivery today, someone who is considering taking over the Mulch Czar position in a couple of years. "Tell me," she said, "how much prep time does your husband spend on all this?"

"I have no idea," I told her. She looked confused. "No, seriously," I said. "We don't talk to each other about mulch at all. I do my thing, he does his."

Look, we would like to stay married, all right? This is what it takes. I don't know why people don't understand that.

And if you doubt some of our troop parents' dedication to this project, let me tell you that my main food-tent staffer cancelled a chemo appointment on Friday, just so she would be up to the task of making coffee and hotdogs and grilled cheese all day Saturday. THAT's commitment.

Of course, that also made my leaving mid-afternoon to take a nap look pretty pathetic. But hey, I'm not trying to win any awards here.

I spent most o…


I'm still alive. We're just headed into that marriage-testing vortex known as Mulch Weekend, so time to blog has been scarce. I'm seeing Sign-Up Genius web pages in my sleep. But hey - we won't be having to take cold showers this year, so that's a plus!

Click on that last link - it's a good one.

As per usual, I am avoiding the Internet today, anyway - April Fool's Day has never been my favorite holiday, maybe because I'm gullible as heck. So there's a plus to having to do mulch this weekend. It doesn't make up for my having to miss out on an epic yarn crawl with my knitting posse, but it's something.

Does anyone say "posse" anymore? Probably not. I'm being antiquarian today, apparently.