Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bowling Is Too A Sport

This week has just rocketed by. Theo's transfer date (he's going overseas) was moved up, so what was supposed to be a nice, leisurely visit spanning a week was changed to only 3 days, days filled with bureaucratic minutiae like changing his car registration, among other things. He arrived earlier than planned, too, the same night I was hosting Bunko, so I got to prep for Bunko (that is, clean the house, buy fun food, make other fun food) at the same time I was prepping for his visit (de-cheese the house, clear the guest room, etc.). Due to my general organizational ineptitude, this was not easy.

Rachel would NOT like this dress.

We did find time to go bowling, however, despite the short visit. (Hey, who says we're not an athletic family?) Susie wanted to show Theo how she can bowl strikes, and Larry and I were grasping for any opportunity to hang out with him, so that made all of us happy - well, except Rachel, who happens to be 13 and not excited by the thought of family togetherness. Probably Theo felt the same way, but - happily - he's old enough now to humor us in our fantasies of fun family outings.

These taste great, even when melted
Add to all that a visit from Uncle Matt and a read-through for the Listen To Your Mother show, and I am fairly done in. The LTYM read-through required me to act extroverted for almost 6 hours straight (we met for dinner ahead of time), which exertion must have numbed my brain cells - I grabbed some lovely Lindt chocolate-toffee squares for the ride home but unwisely stored them in my pants pocket. This resulted in a scene which can only be described as pathetic - a middle-aged woman (um, that would be me) standing in her living room at 11:30 PM, licking melted chocolate from candy wrappers.

Not exactly how I pictured my life would be at this point, really. I mean, when does the grown-up part happen, anyway?


  1. Don't feel bad. We've all licked melted chocolate from wrappers before. At least I have!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I have once found myself licking up a melted York Peppermint Patty wrapper after finding it stuffed into my purse.

    And yes, bowling IS a MUST be because my muscles hurt after every single time.

    Grown up? That's an illusion that we sell to children so they can't wait to grow up - when in reality, we never actually grow up.

  3. So are you saying that licking melted chocolate from candy wrappers is not something a person should do? I'm asking for a friend.

    Glad you had time with your oldest son and the rest of the family, even if it was cobbled together in shortened format.

  4. I lick wrappers. Tops of pudding cups, yogurt cups, ice cream containers. You're in good company here.
    And bowling is FUN for EVERYONE! Especially if you can put the bumpers down...