Sunday, July 06, 2008

Living History

This little tidbit is for all you homeschoolers out there, who I am sure have visited just as many living history museums as our family has. Have I mentioned that we went to Plimouth Plantation at least 3 times during the year we spent in New England, and Sturbridge Village twice? I won't even bother to recount the joyful time we had last year, when we dragged Anna with us to visit Jamestown. Suffice it to say, listening to 50-year-old history nuts dressed in leather jerkins and funny hats tell us how to clean a hunting rifle was not her idea of a fun day. And the 3 and a half hours in the van with her younger siblings? It made the Amistad look like a joy ride. (Thankfully, I was in the other van with Theo.)

My point being, Larry and I are living history nuts; and the children have been made to suffer accordingly.

Oh, and that Imperfect Parent voting thing? I guess people can vote each and every day through the 11th. And, gee, I've never won anything before. All those bloggy giveaways and contests? Nada. So, um, if you wouldn't mind going here again....


  1. Loved the video. Does that make me officially old, or just appreciative of a well-made parody?

  2. I just want to work at the Onion and surround myself with the people that come up with these things!

    Jamestown seems to cause symtoms of pain in anyone under 30.

  3. Jamestown rocks!!! I couldn't agree more with the joy of living history.

    And I voted. Good luck!

  4. Sheesh, every time I visit you it's work, work, work. No wonder Anna's always mad at you!

    Just kidding, I voted again.

  5. I love living history exhibits, too.
    I can't wait to take my kids to Williamsburg and Jamestown one day.

    That video was great.

  6. How did you know, Jenn? Anna says the exact same thing. I'm a merciless taskmaster, I am...

  7. I'm a Williamsburg and Gettysburg fan...hmm, I feel a car trip coming on!
    Sadly, we've recently gotten very attached to Laura Ingalls Wilder...Trips to NY, WI, Minnesota, ND, and Missouri???
    Blessings, E
    OK, I'll vote as often as I can!

  8. i am loving that video. hilarious.

  9. ACK! I was trying to watch the video and read the post at the same time. I had to go back and do one at a time...
    Man, I realllly am old!

  10. Not true. You won a book from ME.