Friday, August 28, 2009

7 (Really) Quick Takes

  1. Gosh, I love putting that picture up there - makes me feel that my blog is a part of something big, something meaningful...
  2. Sitting in Starbucks, lo, these many evenings, has brought me into reluctant contact with people who talk loudly enough to let me (and everyone else in the vicinity) know all the intimate details of their lives. It's fascinating. I'm not getting much work done, though.
  3. Let me elaborate. Their lives aren't fascinating. What's fascinating is their belief that they should - nay, must - regale their (mostly silent) coffee companions and all the perfect strangers around them with the minutiae of their existence. How does a person get that self-involved?
  4. Says the person who has a blog all about herself and her life....
  5. Susie is saying she's bored. That is, when she isn't saying a lot of other stuff that is hard to understand, because my mind shuts down after the first few thousand words or so. Someone remind me - what does one do with a 4-year-old child who talks all the time? Answers may not involve duct tape.
  6. Why is August so long? Discuss.
  7. Larry's taking me out to dinner tonight. He just doesn't know it yet.


  1. I have a similar problem with my own kids--they are SO chatty. And I tune it out because they aren't that interesting.
    Your header is really important looking, BTW.

  2. How does a person get that self-involved? I blame Twitter.

    I feel for you on #5, I really do. I have an almost 7 year-old who talks non-stop from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep. I think I hurt her feelings sometimes when I say, "Dear Lord, can't you just shut up for five minutes?" Sigh. Thank goodness for school. Now I only get it in the mornings, and then from about 3:45 until bedtime. Right now? Blessed silence.

  3. 2. Have noticed this in airports. Usually while the other person is having an intimate discussion with their significant other while yelling into their cellphone.
    5. Did you pick up any saltwater taffy on your vacation?
    6. It's long because you got half of mine, which has been way, way, way too short. Feel free to give it back. :)

  4. 6. August is too short. I am dreading the looming winter.

  5. For #5, grab the phone, dial grandma, grandpa, uncle, or aunt and give the phone to the four year old.

    Worked like a charm for us. ;-)

  6. I get all excited about September being right around the corner, but then I remember that I live in Florida leaves changing colours here.

  7. The "I'm bored" phase has begun here. It's exhausting.

  8. I worked as the assistant director of an engineering summer camp and after-school workshops. Picture a workshop full of tools, buzzers, electrical stuff, bells. Going off ALL THE TIME. People would marvel when they came in my office, a mere 10 feet from all the commotion, that I could be sitting there, totally absorbed in whatever I was doing, oblivious to the cacophony.

    Twenty years of homeschooling and raising four kids will get you this. I can work anywhere.

  9. No duct tape allowed? I'm stumped!
    I've been trying to use ESP to make my husband think of taking me out to dinner every night this week. It's been a FAIL of massive proportions. Instead I feed him bits of food I scrounge up from our fridge and let him watch DVR'd episodes of "Cash Cab." So far, he hasn't noticed my not cooking, although he's beginning to suspect.
    Tonight I am abandoning ship to attend the high school football game. Maybe I'll buy myself a hot dog?

  10. I was going to say the same as Katy about phoning Grandma and handing the phone to the 4 year old, only I would add that then you hide in the wardrobe (and possibly find a portal into another dimension!)

  11. My August has been extremely short.


  12. minutiae, I love that word for some reason.

    I have no solutions for chatterbox children. I have one too. I just apologise when I hear "Mummy, MUMMY, I'm talking to you" and let him know that I have trouble picking up when he is talking to me and when he is just plain old talking. This is no solution though, he still talks just as much and I just listen out for important words and phrases like "blood" and "it really wont hurt you" and "mummy said it's okay" that may signal disaster.

  13. My 5yo talks nonstop. I try to remind myself that in 10 years he'll probably only deign to grunt at me when I ask him a question, so I try really, really hard to listen to him now. It's like some sort of meditation practice. Sometimes, though, it makes me whimper inside.

    We're eating out an awful lot this week, for one reason or another. Perhaps we've gotten your allotment of dining out, like you've gotten half of Robin's August. I wonder what I'm missing? :)

  14. All five of mine appeared to have been vaccinated with a phonograph needle at that age. Lamaze breathing helps, though people *will* look at you funny.

  15. washable paints, and the $1 craft bin at the local store are your best friend. those goofy little wooden die-cuts that come with the markers are a nice to throw into the backpack for blessed peace and quiet when you're at the restaurant.

    and the best?

    the rule about it not being bedtime yet means that its outside time. if you insist on being inside, its bedtime.

  16. Would Susie like some puppets? She could make them talk to each other ALL the time. Does Susie demand an actual conversation? I know my mother can talk for at least 2 hours straight and all I have to do is toss in a few grunts and mhms now and then.

    I'll also gladly take some of your August off your hands. Mine was over 10 days ago.

  17. August is forever long to me! I think it is the heat!
    I am so glad you got to go out! We all need it now and then.

  18. I love this post. You're so funny.

  19. What about packing tape?
    Electrical tape?
    Painters tape doesn't work, they chew right through it. Not that I've tried that or anything.............

    Perhaps Susie needs an imaginary friend to talk to?

    I like to hear other people's conversations in public, that way I can make fun of them in my head.

  20. Thanks for the warning on the painters' tape. That's the sort of help I can't find in those useless parenting books.

  21. August is too long, September is too short.

    Catty 4yr old...I used to turn on the radio or put a CD in then she would sing along or dance, now she is 18 and she still sings along and dances.

    It's not just Starbucks, it's happening in Walmart & Sears & the restaurant that JMac took me to the other evening....sigh

  22. I am entertained by your quick takes.

  23. yeah, i blame twitter too. i just don't care what you're eating ...

    as for painter's tape, that is good to know.

  24. We have an unwritten rule here. No talking to mommy until she has finished her vat of coffee in the morning..