Friday, September 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes

  1. You know, every single week I'm pleased with myself for getting that logo up there.
  2. Lord help me, Susie is begging for help with her Hello, Kitty jigsaw puzzle. Where is that federally-funded preschool when I need it?
  3. David is making apple dumplings in the kitchen. I love David.
  4. A friend of mine who is a dean at a large university posted on Facebook,

    Either there is a hooker convention going on around here or I am behind the times with the fashion.

  5. He obviously never reads my blog.
  6. I had to split #4 into #4 and #5 because I can't figure out how to hit the return/enter key without making a new number. I am in over my head with this automatic Blogger list thingamabob.
  7. I cut my thumb slicing onions (or, I sliced my thumb cutting onions - take your pick) yesterday, rendering myself unable to do dishes until the wound heals. Larry gets to do them instead. I predict a working dishwasher in my very near future...

Go to Conversion Diary for others' 7 Quick Takes...they'll hopefully be more enlightening than mine ever are. Also, you can leave a comment and tell Jen how you feel about Trucknutz!


  1. I love #4 - I often feel that way myself :(...A 12 year old who makes apple dumplings? Hmmm, maybe I'll reconsider this whole no children thing....

  2. #4/5 cracked me up!!
    And I declare my love for your David. My 13yo only makes ramen mixed with pork'n'beans. (But if I make it? There are cheers and praises for Mom.)

  3. Trucknutz should be banned from the planet and their creator tarred and feathered.

  4. #4/#5 - too funny! I am so seriously behind the times when it comes to fashion, though I am thankful for it when I see what everyone else is wearing!

    I hope the thumb heals nicely and yields a nice result!

  5. Let me know how the old "slice my finger chopping onions so now Larry has to do dishes" plan works out for ya. I thought of you the other day when I drove past a store selling scratch and dent dishwashers starting at $199. I honestly thought were it not for shipping it, I'd do it for you.
    I believe that most of women under 30 around here are attending the same whorefest judging by how they dress.