Friday, October 09, 2009

There Are No Nobels For Plumbing

Reading the comments on my blog from the last couple of days has led me to this conclusion: There are 2 types of people in this world - those who wouldn't dream of paying a stranger to fix something in their houses, and those who have been so traumatized by previous DIY attempts that they will pay anyone any amount of money to not relive those moments of pain and humiliation.

Larry, apparently, falls into the second category.

What's more, both types feel very strongly about their respective positions.

Whew! Let's move on to something less controversial...say, Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize...

Well, maybe not.

At least now Larry knows there are people in this world more infatuated with the current President of the United States than I am. My feeling is that the committee just jinxed the poor guy. Now he won't get anything accomplished during his years in office. Oh, well, he'll always have Oslo...

Here's a decent middle-of-the-road post on the topic from the website of The Moderate Voice (plus links to various reactions from all parts of the political spectrum). Also, funny cartoons! What more could one want?

Time to go make Larry a b'day cake!

Oh, wait - here's the video of Obama's acceptance speech. Does he sound sort of rattled, or what? You can almost see him thinking, "WTF, Oslo? I'm busy here..."


  1. Hi..just wanted to say I've been reading you for awhile, but I just finally started my own blog and have decided to be brave enough to comment! As far as being a mr fixit, I would take the mr opening the wallet anyday! I have one of those "I can fix anything" guys. And truth be told, he can fix pretty much anything. Unfortunately, he has this thing called a job which greatly interferes with any fixins that need to be done. Case in point, I convinced him to pay someone to paint our downstairs. We have a 2 story foyer and family room and all rooms kind of lead into each other, so big job. He agreed, but HE would paint the trim since he could reach it and it would cut costs. It will be 2 years in Feb. and you guessed it, trim still not painted (except very obvious places which I painted for times we were having people over.)
    ps. I love Barack Obama as well- my daughter attended his inauguration and I was SO jealous. She listed it as her favorite high school memory!

  2. I think they jinxed Obama too, mainly because he hasn't done anything. And no president works on his own and if he can't end those wars WITH all his war councils, where does the peace part come in? I think he should have declined and said "When I end these wars, I'd be delighted to accept it then." That would have been the classy thing to do since most of the US is going WHAT DID HE DO?

  3. Maybe his teleprompter was on the blink

  4. I am baffled by the entire scenario. On the other hand, perhaps we should look at him from the viewpoint of other (European?) countries.
    Oslo? can you explain it all to us??

    I hope it hasn't jinxed him.

  5. I think the rest of the world is just so excited to see the backside of Bush and the thought of an American public electing someone who actually wants to practice diplomacy that they jumped the gun just a bit.

  6. LOL to Chief!! Good one.