Monday, October 12, 2009

There Is No Unifying Theme Here

Today? Excited by the rapid progress I was making on my first-ever toe-up sock (I know, I know, your lives are boring by comparison - try to bear it), I decided to try on my handiwork in order to see how much more of the leg I needed to knit. So I slid the still-on-the-needles sock smoothly onto my foot and up my calf, smugly admiring the well-fitted heel and toe as I did so.

Alas! Pride goeth before a fall. As I tugged my handiwork up my leg, I managed to snap one Harmony Wood Double-Pointed size zero needle clean in half. I felt like a murderer.

Knitpicks, in their infinite wisdom, includes 6 DPN's (that's Double Pointed Needles, for you non-knitters out there) in each set, which is apparently considered to be ample needle insurance for any normal knitter. But I've already managed to lose one of the set of 6, and now I've broken another one. In other words, I've run out of spares and am knitting without a net, as it were. I'm wondering if Knitpicks would be willing to sell the DPN's to me by the gross? Because I am obviously the kiss of death for size 0 wooden needles.


I went to bed late last night to find that Susie's diaper had leaked all over my down comforters and my sheets. (And no, I don't know why she's still in my bed - why don't one of you come on over and set her straight, okay?) I roused the blissfully slumbering Larry, and we stripped the bed and cleaned up Susie. Well, I stripped the bed and cleaned up Susie, while Larry stood there holding his pillow and looking confused. The other set of sheets being in the washer, we both decamped for other sleep locations - he on the couch, me in Susie's lower bunk.

I know! It's so romantic!

All day today, we were in laundry Purgatory because of this incident. Sheets, mattress cover, 2 down comforters - they all had to be processed through the machines, in addition to our regular daily laundry requirements. To add insult to injury, Susie pooped in her pants while Larry and I were trying to squeeze in a lunch date between laundry loads (again with the romance!). Oh, and then she peed in her pants (and all over the living room floor) after dinner, for good measure.

Folks, we have 4 toilets in this house, all of them clean and well-lit and fully functional. What is this child's problem, anyway? Or maybe it's my problem...maybe by Child #6, I should be a bit more adept at this toilet training gig. Success eludes me, however. Success, and a full set of DPN's...

And now it's time for me to go to bed again. I'm just hoping it's dry, is all. Wish me luck...


  1. I agree, a guy standing around looking dazed and confused is very romantic. He's just in awe of your supermom fast clean-up skills.

  2. Laundry purgatory is something I know a little bit about, just be grateful you didn't have to schlep those sheets across town!

  3. Good-o. I pick a blog to read instead of doing laundry and it's one big old guilt trip. I too have loads of pooped in underwear and weed on sheets to wash... along with our regularly scheduled dirty clothes. Fun times folks, fun times.

  4. Ooh. Like the socks. I'm sorry about the needle. Peaches lost one of mine the other day. She tells me the police are looking for it.

    Scrappy Sue was telling me the other day that recent research shows that children potty train when their bodies are up to it and not before. So there's not a great deal you can do about Suzie's crazee weeing skillz. Sorry 'bout that too.

  5. I want to learn how to knit socks. Can you recommend a good book/site/whatever? Really - something small that I can take with me on the plane and train.

  6. I'm potty-training my sixth right now and I'm about to blow my brains out.

    Have I learned nothing over the years?

  7. I think my needles go to the same place the lost socks go to or maybe I need to quit knitting when I travel. Maybe now that I think about it they jump ship from this family when I take them on a trip. Hmmm...must give that more thought!

    However, if you run into a major issue I'd be happy to overnight you a DPN from my plentiful stock (note that it is plentiful because I keep loosing them).

    Oh the potty training. Well my grandmother once told me when I was having trouble with my oldest son that I was trying to do too many other things at one time. She told me to clear my day (okay two or three day, okay as often as possible). Let him run naked in the house and stop every half of hour and sit him on the potty. She also told me to feed him lots of liquid. Anyway then when he went in the potty I was suppose to say 'there feel that you have to pee' I personally thought she was nuts. Considering I was 19 at the time & willing to try anything I tried it. That was also the point in my life where I realized my grandmother knew her shit. It wasn't a miracle fix, but it helped (a lot).

    However, my daughter had the bed wetting issue til she was near 4. Best advice on that one is no liquids 2-3 hours prior to her going to bed.

    Well now that I've rambled on about potty training and become one of those women who swear the way they did it is wonderful I should get on with my day.

  8. Oh, poor you. Just this morning I was thinking of how we're going to try potty training H right after her 3rd birthday next month, and how she doesn't think that's such a good idea, and I felt a little scared and queasy. I HAAAAAAAAAATE potty training.

  9. Sounds like Susie has decided it's her mission to supply your blog fodder now that nobody at your house is vomiting anymore.

  10. And here I was grousing because our CAT is pooping all over our house. You totally trumped me.

  11. I decided to let Snorkie lead the way on potty training. He decided last Christmastime was about as long as he wanted to be in that uncomfortable diaper. I waited till the monday after New Years. He put on "big boy undies", had two accidents in a week and never looked back. The times his "overnighter"'s usually my fault for letting him drink too late in the evening. BTW he was almost 4...who cares!
    Both of my girls stayed in pull ups overnight for a LOOOOOONG time. They all sleep too soundly to get up in the night...and I'm too lazy to get them up!
    Blessings and good luck with the socks. I have a TON of Double ended needles, but they are all steel...they do break less often than wood!

  12. Yay, toe up socks! I do most socks that way. Condolences on the sad loss of needle, though. I use inexpensive aluminum dpns, which can be bent, but I've never broken one. (Lots of sock knitters find them too slick, though, and prefer wood as it's less likely to slip out of the knitting. I like them because they're faster than wood, and fairly rigid- but that's purely a matter of personal taste.)

    Also condolences on the midnight laundry.

  13. I am glad to see that my husband and I are not the only ones knee-deep in the romance that is parenthood! We routinely have at least two kids in our bed, and more often that not, he winds up sleeping in one of the kids' rooms (his work and school schedule are heavy contributers to that as well.)

    I've got nothing when it comes to potty training . . . my two oldest just decided that they were ready, and took right too it - Cooper just after his 3rd birthday and Maren at 2.5 (go ahead and hate me!)

    I am sorry about the knitting needle!

  14. The picture of those socks make me want to beg you for a pair!
    Midnight laundry is exactly why I have multiple sets of sheets. I keep trying to downsize, but then we end up with a night like that (although having someone pee the bed these days is kind of rare...)
    Wait, did you say FOUR TOILETS?!? I'm not sure if I should be jealous or horrified that someone (usually me) would have to clean them all...

  15. My first child was a snap to potty train, and then she trained my second child, so that wasn't a snap so much as a non-event. Who knew what pain the last one would cause me? Not I. What is it about the last child and potty training? She had zero desire to use the toilet. Zero. My desire? Vast. My desire won. Eventually.

  16. Oh, poor dear. The peeing and pooping will eventually stop. I promise. I really do!! Hang in there.

  17. Sam finally started using the potty in the last week. Our rule is you can not go trick or treating and get candy unless you are a big kid. He still needs to be reminded to poop in the potty, but has only had a few accidents in the last week.

  18. Oh, honey. You SO have my sympathy! And my last one was the hardest to train too. He was bound and determined to stay the baby, till the day a teenage babysitter told him, "I am NOT changing you! Go to that potty and do it yourself!"