Thursday, May 26, 2011

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Ranson, West Virginia!  Come on down!  Or, at the very least, comment on one of the dozens of posts you've been reading over the past few days.  You might also want to check your laundry and make sure the kids have been fed.  We all know how addicting this blog reading can become.  Myself, I don't remember anything from the year 2008 that isn't blog-related.

Sad, but true...

It's still hot here.  I think I'll just post about the weather for the next 3 months - it's all I think about anymore.  That, and how to procure a swimsuit that fits within the next 2 days...I've had my other swimsuit since 2006 and its spandex has lost its containment properties.  I need a new one to SQUEEZE into, as my Susie would say.

That's a cute story - everyone should go back and read it.  That includes you, Ranson.

Susie is 6 now and as jaded as a 6-year-old with several older siblings can be.  We presented her with a bicycle on her birthday yesterday, expecting squeals of surprised excitement.  Instead, there was a shrug and a happy "I thought you were going to do that."  Oh, well - I guess the magic years are over.  Susie has persuaded me that it's time to have her first real "kid party," a vaunted rite of passage in our house.  Lord help me, I don't know what to do with 10 little girls for 2 hours.  So far we've purchased the requisite party goods and planned the entertainment: a sack race and Pin the Tail on the Donkey and lemonade and cake.  

Is anything else required?  I sure hope not.  That pretty much tapped out my creativity right there.

[Map image: Epodunk]
[Party image: Webweaver Clip Art]


  1. Ok, I'm not wild about the new font. Kind of hard to read.

    10 6 year-old girls for 2 hours? I would have twice as much entertainment. Fortunately with girls you can do things like decorate plain paper bags for take-home goodies and that counts as fun. And never underestimate the power of a video to calm things down or fill out the time when neccessary. But you knew that.

  2. New font is hard to read, i agree.
    Also, for the little girls? Why not have them decorate paper crowns? I dunno, with boys you can always count on some form of legos or such.

  3. Do girls like water play? Because if it continues to be this hot, just playing in a sprinkler can be good fun! (With my boys, we'd be have an all-out water fight.)

    Happy birthday to your Susie!

    (And while I know where Ranson is, it wasn't me!)

  4. PS: Can you make the new font bigger? My eyes are straining...

  5. Of course I will be the lone wolf who likes the new font. I was just getting ready to comment about how whimsical and fun it makes your blog look, when I saw the first two comments up there. Gah.

    Anyway, I think cake, lemonade, and pin-the-tail sound divine. And I love the idea of decorating the goodie bags.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Have them design their own blog!

    Also, you'r lucky. In the Peanut's pre school, the kid parties have already started. it's ridiculous.

  7. I think you might find that six year old little girls can entertain themselves. If you daughter has some toys, or you have a backyard they can play in, they won't need structured activities. At least, that's been the case for my daughter's birthday parties, and we've been doing it that way for five years now (she's 10).

  8. AnonymousMay 27, 2011

    Buy sheets of bubble wrap and let them jump up and down on it to pop the bubbles! Good for at least 20 minutes of vigorous fun, after which they will need to be revived with lemonade, cake and other forms of sugar! Worked like a charm with little boys and I bet it would with little girls too. Most packaging and UPS drop off places sell it by the roll, so you can by it by the yard. I recommend 5 to 10 yards at least. Good luck!

  9. AnonymousMay 28, 2011

    Wish it was warm here - it's pretty cold here in Melbourne Australia at the moment.
    I absolutely DREAD kid's birthday parties so I hear ya.
    On an unrelated topic - I thought of you the other night when we thought our dishwasher had died. As I was washing up a huge load of dishes in the laundry trough I kept thinking "if she can do it I can"
    It ended up not to be that big a problem - my husband crawled under the house and checked the pipe draining the dishwasher. It turned out that it was blocked so he unblocked it (in the process getting covered in muck)
    But anyway thanks for getting me through - I don't know how you do it!

  10. Kids don't have enough good old fashioned birthday parties these days--it sounds perfect.

  11. @Bubblewrap Anonymous - What a great idea! I wish I had seen this comment earlier - bubble wrap would have been just the thing for the party!

    @Dishwasherless Anonymous - Wow, no one has ever called me an inspiration before...

    @kcinnova - I made the font bigger. I'm too tired tonight to try to change it.

  12. AnonymousMay 29, 2011

    Kid parties--let 'em run wild. All the other moms are choreographing every second--yours will be memorable for the free-wheelin' FUN they have!
    Send heat. Please.