Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Math? What Math?

Totally got sucked down the Internet rabbit hole yesterday, looking at silly things like this -

 ...and I wonder why homeschooling around here has floundered, eh?  Oh, well, at least we covered current events.   Today?  Maybe we'll watch an historical movie...

Who knew the budget cuts would be so draconian?  And that VP Biden could be such an inspiration to our President?


  1. Haha! This morning, the kids thought I said Netflix when I said time for math! Then i got dirty look when i reminded them of chores. But i better watch my p's and q's because i am driving them to the 9secret) mother's day craft with our schooling coordinator this morning !
    And yesterday i went trolling for the same things you did :)

  2. I honestly didn't intend to watch that whole thing, but couldn't tear myself away. Funny stuff!

  3. You crack me up! I passed that "birth" postcard to my husband who is surrounded by conspiracy theorists at his office. Hee hee! Now GO, teach your children about current events this week!

  4. Did you know Joe Biden's wife teaches English at NOVA? One of my nieces has her for a teacher and loves her much to the chagrin of her Republican grandfather. LOL!

    Obama is so darn cute. Wish I could vote for him in good conscience. . . .alas.

  5. That clip was funny -- and after watching VP Biden serve hot dogs to troops on The Colbert Report, I am rather fond of him.
    I no longer homeschool, but I do help my teenage boys watch appropriate TV. Speaking of which...
    Did you catch Jon Stewart's Daily Show last night? He had a number of quips with pictures, sort of like a movie poster for each one. My favorite might have been "To Kill a Mockingturd" with OBL.

  6. I love that postcard! We've been reliving the glory of The Donald sitting through Obama and Seth Meyers taking him apart at the Correspondent's dinner.

  7. I wish Joe Biden had officiated our wedding.