Saturday, May 07, 2011

Resigned To My Fate

That Craig's List dishwasher we bought in February, after more agonizing than it took to send Seal Team 6 after Osama bin Laden?  It's dead.

Yup.  Dead.

We didn't bother to bury it at sea, either.

But the very same morning that Larry failed to resuscitate said dishwasher's electrical box, someone posted a "works perfectly" dishwasher on Freecycle.  "Yes, please!" Larry emailed, and he picked it up and brought it home that evening.  It shall we say...vintage.

Yeah, that's the word - vintage.

Early 90's, at best...but hey, the lady said it worked perfectly, right?  Alas, she was unaware of our dishwasher-dooming powers; after several hours spent trying to hook it up (including 3 - count them, 3 - trips to Home Depot), Larry gave up.  So now we have a vintage broken dishwasher gracing our kitchen, while atop it sits my dependable Michael Graves dish-drying rack, which has never given me a minute's worth of trouble.

That's right, I've moved on with my life.  And I'm just hoping Larry gets me that dress in the ad there for Mother's Day...getting all gussied up might just take the sting out of handwashing the dishes.

The shoes would be nice, too.

[Dishwasher Ad:]


  1. I hate to say this, because I'm as frugal as the next person, but you have got to have Larry buy you a brand new dishwasher. Surely, a brand new one would be a lot cheaper than all of the time and irritation that you all have put into these "free" ones. Really, I lived for 38 years without one and now I wonder how. I am willing to cook so many more, different & new foods since I don't have to wash the dishes. Seriously, if you have to go on strike you should-tell Larry no cooking and no nookie until you get a new dishwasher! ;-)

  2. WOW - when we moved into our mobile home several years ago it came with a dying dish washer. It only took us two months to kill it dead. We went to a local second hand electronics store and bought a repaired one with a 90 day guarantee for a hundred. It worked amazing!
    Sadly when we moved we had to leave it behind and then install a brand new one into our 60 yr old dishwasher free house.
    The joys of wanting an extra hand!

  3. Loved the dress the minute I saw it. And the shoes? Swoon! Won't you look darling as you handwash your dishes?

    Oh wait, it's mom's day, so won't you look stunning as you make your kids wash dishes?

  4. I agree -- those shoes are to DIE FOR!

    And I also think you might just have to resign yourself to the fact that you are "buy it new and get the extended warranty" sort of people. There's some bad mojo in your kitchen...

  5. Sounds like our luck with used appliances!! We don't have a dishwasher either. While I wish we did a lot of times it's really not THAT bad washing them by hand.

  6. My dear, I weep for you. I really think you should just give it up and buy a new one. We really like ours. It's GE Profile.

  7. Doesn't your avatar already own that dress?!

  8. AnonymousMay 09, 2011

    OH does that stink. I'm so sorry--thank goodness for that old reliable drying rack not losing its ability to function.

  9. If my husband ever tries to score a free dishwasher, I am sending him to this blog.

  10. I like the saucy little look on the ladies face in the ad. We lived without a dishwasher for 5 was a hard adjustment for maybe like a week. Then, I just had to do dishes 2 times a the time, I found it sort of if it would happen...I have enough big kids to dole out the dish duty I think I could still adjust...not that I want to or anything!!! But, when you get one back - think of all your newfound free time you will have!

  11. You know what a piece of junk, broken dishwasher is good for??? It is a GREAT drying rack and your dishes aren't on your counter! I should know ours is KAPUT and we don't have the $$ to replace currently. I could say that it's been a great bonding thing with my kids and how great it's been to wash dishes by hand..but I would be a BIG FAT LIAR> It basically stinks and I'm sick of it!

  12. Hmmm, seems like the "works perfectly!" lady could use a 3am drop-off.

    Love your brand of humor and you have *the best* Twitter description I've ever seen. Happy to be your newest fan.