Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Iron Woman

You know, I haven't shared this with y'all yet, because I didn't want to jinx my efforts; but, since mid-September (or, more accurately, since the soul-sucking summer humidity finally left our region), I've been walking on average an hour a day.  Sometimes I split it up, sometimes I do it all at once; but I walk. 

I look like this, only less elegant.
There you have it - for the past 3 months, I have secretly been doing what is -- for me -- the veritable equivalent of Olympic training.  Sometimes I even jog a few steps, just to show I can, now that I have my nifty new athletic bra that costs way too much money.  I know!  Raising the bar...

You see, I'm turning 50 next year; that imminent milestone has made me realize that "later," as it were, has arrived.  I've also realized that I will never find a form of exercise I really love, so I need to stop waiting for that particular miracle to happen.

Apparently, exercise is like flossing your teeth, people - just do it.

So!  I'm announcing this in order to give some trendy athletic company the opportunity to pay me to represent them.  Just think what an inspiration I can be to legions of middle-aged, exercise-averse bloggers!  And I need money if I'm going to keep buying these brassieres, you know.

[Downton image: GirlsGoneGeek]


  1. I love the picture of your athletic clothes. I hope you have been able to keep your gloves white. And I don't know how you would keep your hat on if there is a breeze.

    I am glad to hear that your bra continues to function well. We middle-aged exerciserers need mainly two things: a good bra, and good shoes. So, I think you will also need a sponsorship from an athletic shoe company so that you can buy good walking shoes. I notice that your photo doesn't show the shoes.

  2. "Apparently, exercise is like flossing your teeth, people - just do it."

    I do believe you just nailed it.
    Bring on the sponsorship!

    You need endorsements--for the bras and the millinery bills.
    WALK ON!

  4. Good for you! I make myself swim every morning. Not loving it. But it just kind of needs to happen.

  5. So funny. Good for you for walking. I did all summer, but now that the freezing cold is here, I bumming it. I feel really out of shape. Don't know how it happens so quickly!

    Good for you for walking. Hope you find that sponsor. ;-)


  6. The trick is to do something while you're exercising that you look forward to. Like listening to podcasts or favorite music, etc. When I used to run, sometimes I'd get so carried away with the music I was listening to that, more than once, I'd find my self a half a mile or so down the road from where I last remember being unable to recall covering that distance.

  7. I found that turning 30 was much rougher on my soul than turning 50. At 30 you're supposed to be all grown up and serious and that wasn't happening! At 50, I had a better handle on life and those milestones that end in zero don't faze me so much.

  8. Sounds like a perfect time to start the couch to 5k program. You're already off the couch so you're ahead of the game!