Monday, December 03, 2012

Return Of The Rodent

Coming soon, to a living room near you
Remember this guy?  I still hear him periodically, but - as he is polite enough not to start pooping in my silverware drawers - I haven't found it necessary to burn the house down to get rid of him.  I've gotten used to hearing him run around above the ceiling of the den every once in a while. Conveniently (for my husband), it always happens after Larry goes to sleep, so no one believes me when I say that that darn mouse is still there.  Even my exterminator boyfriend looks at me funny when I talk about it.

So, as I sat in my overcrowded living room late last evening, trying to figure out where the heck we could put the Christmas tree this year (answer - NOWHERE), I heard that familiar patter above the den ceiling - you know, the den that no longer has any drywall to prevent a rodent from escaping into the room.  The den, in fact, that does not have any door whatsoever, just a large open archway separating it from the rest of the main floor living area...

Reader, I panicked.  Grabbing my knitting, I hastily decamped to the (hopefully mouse-free) bedroom area upstairs, where Larry lay peacefully aslumber, ignorant of the danger his long-suffering wife had faced just one floor below.  Give me some credit - I let him sleep, having no desire to watch him stumble dutifully around in his underwear, in a half-hearted attempt to find a rodent which refuses to reveal itself to anyone but me.

But I sure hope that man doesn't think he's getting a Christmas present this year.


  1. I believe you. In fact, I believe you have more than one mouse because there is never just one mouse. (Not to panic you further!)

  2. Really, so long as it's only ONE mouse. It's going to be a problem if he invites a friend...

  3. A rodent which refuses to reveal itself to anyone but you? Call him Harvey.

  4. I'm the only one that hears the noises at night around here.

  5. I have not seen or heard any mice in our house recently. Maybe the 7 cats have something to do with it? Last mouse I saw was the dead one Edgar, #4’s big tomcat, left on my bedroom floor last year. I need to put on my shoes when wandering around in the early am, as that was not a pleasant item to step on barefooted…

    1. Okay, you totally win in the horrible mouse story category!

  6. Maybe your husband released him from the wall when he pulled down the drywall. In any case, he's legally required to perrform mouse removal. It's in the constitution, I'm sure of that.

  7. I would refuse to be anywhere alone near a mouse.
    I need someone to use as a ladder to climb as far away from a rodent as inhumanly possible.

  8. Remind me to tell you my rat stories...
    I hope your mouse consents to being trapped.

  9. Get one of those little spring traps, and then bait it with peanut butter. Works great. And they're cheap enough that you can just throw them out, mouse and all.

    That's what I used before I had cats. Now, the least hint of scurrying results in extreme feline excitement, and I am generally presented with a little corpse within a day or so. (My last one was on Thanksgiving morning. Fortunately, they do not feel the need to present them to me *in bed* but just leave them on the floor for me to find when I get up.)