Sunday, December 02, 2012

Too Good To Last

I guess Larry doesn't like this.
Remember this day?  The day I cleaned up my house?  And remember how, for the past 2 weeks, I have been enjoying the fruits of that labor?  How even my knitting has benefited from my living in a tidy, clutter-free environment?

I was happy, people.  Happy!  And, obviously, that bothered Larry.  Why else would he announce -- bright and early this morning -- that NOW it was time to rip out, insulate, and rebuild all the walls in our perfectly serviceable (and tidy) den?

My apparently passive-aggressive husband lost no time in moving every piece of furniture out of the den - computer desk/cabinet, old-fashioned slant-y desk (what do you call those things, anyway?) that the former owner left behind, the beloved flowered Ektorp, my longed-for Expedit shelving unit, and a gorgeous drop-leaf table given to us by a neighbor.  He moved ALL of this (plus 2 lamps) into the standard L-shaped living/dining room you'll find in any old townhouse.  A living/dining room that was already amply furnished, of course...

Anyone else recall how Larry decided to rip up our kitchen floor 2 days before I was to host a Pampered Chef fundraiser?  Like I said, passive aggressive...

Let's see - our annual New Year's Day party for the neighborhood is in exactly 30 days.  Apparently, Larry is willing to bet our marriage on his being able to pull this off (insulation, drywall, new ceiling fan, PAINT) in less than a month.  Considering it can take us 5 MONTHS just to choose a paint color, I'm not feeling that optimistic.   

Extreme Home Renovation, that's us.  Stay tuned...

[Happy face image: Business Networking]


  1. Because the holidays aren't stressful enough already . . .

  2. Larry, put down the power tools and back away... because unless your goal is to give your lovely wife more knitting storage before Christmas, you have just stepped over the line!
    Insanity prevails. Oy!!

    Come over to my place for a visit, SC, and I will feed you chocolate.

  3. Do you have a roll-top desk? Those are awesome.

    1. No, it's slanted and the lid lifts straight up so you can store stuff underneath. It looks like something Thomas Jefferson would have written the Declaration of Independence at.

  4. My husband and I have purchased new minivans in early December... not once, but TWICE!! This year, I'm keeping the old minivan but had foot surgery instead. Because, as Jenn noted above, the holidays aren't stressful enough already.

  5. Wow, your husband has a gift for timing.

  6. This little desks are charming but you can't put anything on them, which is probably a good thing. Like the desks in elementary school (although those were made of steel with formica tops. And had attached swivelly seats.) My old slanty front desk has little drawers and cubbies inside and is called a secretary, but I don't know the name of yours.

    As for Larry; my solution for an unruly husband is to throw all of his possessions into the driveway (if it is raining, even better) but it my understanding that you LIKE your husband enough to try something a little less theatrical. I suggest postponing Christmas until the den is put back together. This might get the kids on your side, or even motivate them to help dear old Dad. I'd say, go upstairs and knit.

  7. My guess is the deadline will really motivate him to get it done well ahead of time. (collapses in laughter)

  8. Larry is obviously not in charge of any of the Christmas shopping or planning, is he? He must have felt the need to be frantic this time of year like the rest of mankind. Or something.

  9. Kayla has a point. Perhaps you just need to hand over all shopping and planning needs to him?