Sunday, January 06, 2013

Downton Fangirl

Well, I hope you all enjoy viewing Downton Abbey tonight.  I don't need to, you see, because I've already watched the first episode of Season 3.

Yup, been there, drooled over that.  It pays to have a friend whose Irish father brings her the British DVD version for Christmas.  And who has a DVD player we can actually watch it on.

Anywhoo, it was definitely worth viewing - I mean, unless you don't LIKE hunky British men and hunky Irishmen and awesome British accents and gorgeous period dresses.  In that case?  Don't bother.

And, oh, the music to the opening credits!  Hearing it makes me perk up the way my dog used to when we jingled the keys to the car.  What is it about that tune, anyway?


  1. The whole season? Lacking friends on the continent, I've had to resort to piracy because I couldn't wait. I'm posting a recap of episode one tomorrow. But how I can I possibly wait NINE whole months for NEXT season? How I wish I had a life half as exciting!

  2. I know--I get all excited when I hear the music, too.

  3. I'm so tv stupid. I never watch anything that anyone is talking about lol.

  4. Yet another show I've never heard of but have to try!!

  5. I can't watch Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs, Land Girls, Call the Midwife, or any of the other British dramas -- it keeps me awake at night, worrying about the characters. Seriously, either I'm that pathetic, or the shows are really that good. I've sworn off of them!

    I'm stuck with the BritCom's. At least there's a new one out now...